University of Idaho Quadruple Murder Suspect Is ‘Obsessively Vegan’ and Constantly ‘Looked Drugged at School’ as Teen

The man currently in custody in connection to the murder of four University of Idaho students last month is reportedly an “obsessive vegan” who regularly “looked drugged” while attending school as a teen, has learned. . .

According to newly surfaced details about the suspect, Kohberger is a Libertarian and “obsessive vegan” who refused to use the same pot if it had previously been used to cook meat.

“It was above and beyond being vegan,” one relative told the New York Post after Kohberger’s arrest Friday. “His aunt and uncle had to buy new pots and pans because he would not eat from anything that had ever had meat cooked in them.”

“He seemed very OCD,” the relative added. . .

“He would always look bugged-eyed like on drugs and nobody in the class really [ever] talked to him,” added another former classmate, “that’s why he only went for 2 years and left without taking the final exam.” (Read more from “University of Idaho Quadruple Murder Suspect Bryan Kohberger Is ‘Obsessively Vegan’ and Constantly ‘Looked Drugged at School’ as Teen” HERE)

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