Angels in Our Midst? One Scientist Explains Why the Bible Supports Extraterrestrials

The White House press secretary might make fun of aliens being in our midst — but according to one scientist, the Bible gives clear evidence that they’ve been operating in our world since time began. . .

Astronomer and physicist Dr. Hugh Ross makes a convincing case that angels are beings that have existed throughout eternity as God’s messengers — and that they operate like any beings would who are not confined to our “space-time dimensions.”

Ross writes in Salvo magazine, “According to the Bible, these creatures differ from humans in that they are not constrained by either the known laws of physics or the known space-time dimensions. Rather, they exist in a realm distinct from the universe, yet have been granted power to enter the human realm for brief episodes — either in physical or nonphysical form.”

On our “Lighthouse Faith” podcast, Ross, founder and director of the nonprofit Reasons To Believe, expands on this scientific analysis of why it’s perfectly acceptable to believe in the existence of angelic beings.

He says, “If you’ve got a causal agent beyond space and time that created the universe, that causal agent could create other things outside the universe and even grants the power to come into the universe and enter the human realm. So it’s certainly scientifically plausible.” (Read more from “Angels in Our Midst? One Scientist Explains Why the Bible Supports Extraterrestrials” HERE)

Photo credit: Flickr

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