Vladimir Putin’s Spiritual Missile Damns America

During his state of the nation address early Tuesday morning, Russian President Vladimir Putin fired a spiritual missile at the United States.

American corporate media framed the 100-minute speech as a defensive rant justifying Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and threatening nuclear war against the West.

That all may be true. But that’s not what I heard. Nuclear missiles don’t scare me. Spiritual missiles do. What Putin said about Western civilization and America spooked me. It caused me to rethink the agenda behind the Russia hoax, the debunked left-wing conspiracy theory that alleged former President Donald Trump colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton.

Corporate media desperately wants us to believe Trump and Putin are disciples of Satan, the worst international leaders to walk the planet since Adolf Hitler. After yesterday’s speech, I now understand why Putin is dangerous.

He at least pretends to care about God’s will. He called out the West for abandoning biblical values.

“They’re waging increasingly aggressive information attacks,” he said. “First of all targeting the young generations. Lying on every step, distorting historical truth, attacking our culture, the Russian Orthodox Church, and other traditional religious institutions in our country.

“Look at what they’re doing with their own people. They’re destroying the institution of family, their cultural historical identity. And various perversions with regard to children, up to pedophilia, are accepted as the new norm. And priests are forced to recognize and officiate same-sex weddings.”

American politicians, whether Democrat or Republican, refuse to speak the kind of unvarnished truth Putin did on Tuesday. The assault on biblical values goes unchallenged here by elected officials. The new normal here demonizes traditional Christian beliefs. Joe Biden, a self-described Catholic, would never say what Putin did. Democrats would run Biden out of office with the full support of the Republican Party. (Read more from “Vladimir Putin’s Spiritual Missile Damns America” HERE)

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