Biden Refuses to Answer Questions About Chinese Spy Balloon (VIDEO)

On Friday morning, President Joe Biden delivered scheduled remarks on the economy following the release of January’s jobs report — but that wasn’t what was on Americans’ or reporters’ minds.

You see, more Biden lies about inflation and jobs aren’t really what’s notable after the Chinese Communist Party claimed ownership of the spy balloon that was spotted floating over the northern U.S., above a military installation, where some of America’s intercontinental ballistic missiles are housed. China laughably claimed the balloon is just a “civilian airship” that merely floated off-course…to be conveniently located above a prime first-strike target if China wanted to cripple America’s ability to respond to hostile incoming.

Biden knows that it’s another crisis of his leadership, which is why he said on Friday morning that he was “not gonna answer any questions” on topics other than the economy:

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