DOJ Probing TikTok Over Allegations of Spying on U.S. Tech Journalists

The Justice Department is investigating claims that the Chinese company that owns TikTok has been spying on US tech journalists, according to a report Friday.

The probe into ByteDance stems from the company’s acknowledgment in December that employees had obtained data of US TikTok users, some of whom were reporters, the New York Times said.

Sources told The Times that the Justice Department, along with the FBI and the US Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia, are looking into how ByteDance employees were able to access that data.

The Justice Department did not respond to an inquiry from the Times or The Post, and the specific scope of the investigation is unclear.

The report comes as the Biden Administration has pressured ByteDance to sell its stake in TikTok or possibly face a nationwide ban amid increased scrutiny over its national security threat. (Read more from “DOJ Probing TikTok Over Allegations of Spying on U.S. Tech Journalists” HERE)

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