There’s Been a Development in the Case Against Trump

The Manhattan grand jury weighing an indictment against former President Donald Trump has reportedly scheduled testimony from another witness on Wednesday, pushing off any decision and delaying a potential indictment against the 45th president, despite Trump’s speculation about his own indictment and arrest “on Tuesday.”

According to a report from Fox News, citing a source in law enforcement, authorities now don’t expect a potential arraignment for Trump, if he is indicted, until next week due to testimony from the additional witness whose identity remains unknown.

The reported delay for a decision from the grand jury comes after NYPD ordered its officers to wear full uniforms on Tuesday and continued ramping up its security preparations, as Leah reported on Tuesday.

If the former president is indicted and arraigned, Trump will appear in-person in Manhattan because appearing for a “virtual arraignment” has already been “ruled out,” according to Fox News’ reporting. (Read more from “There’s Been a Development in the Case Against Trump” HERE)

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