Ranked-Choice Voting Could Come Back to Bite Alaskan Republicans… Again

Rep. Mary Peltola continues to have support among left-leaning American politicos, after emerging victorious in Alaska’s messy open-primary, ranked-choice general voting system in 2022.

Conservative Alaska voters, faced with a contentious field last year, awarded Peltola enough second-place votes to lock in her win.

As a candidate with low name recognition, Peltola committed to bipartisanship, saying she drew inspiration from the late Congressman Don Young. However, her voting record since November has revealed a different story.

Peltola’s support for Rep. Hakeem Jeffries as House speaker, casting 15 votes in his favor, was the first big item that raised eyebrows around the 49th state.

She voted against the Strategic Production Response Act and justified her absence during the final vote by claiming she was unaware voting was about to occur. (Read more from “Ranked-Choice Voting Could Come Back to Bite Alaskan Republicans… Again” HERE)

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