Public Trust in FBI Has Reached ‘The Red Zone,’ U.S. Inching Closer to ‘Mayhem, Chaos, Anarchy:’ WSJ Columnist

The United States is battling a “crisis of confidence” with U.S. governing institutions on the line and FBI Director Christopher Wray’s recent testimony before Congress may have been the last straw for the bureau, Wall Street Journal columnist Dan Henninger warned.

In a Wall Street Journal column titled “The FBI Loses the Public,” Henninger examined the public’s diminishing trust in institutions like the FBI as studies show voter confidence in the bureau and the DOJ has hit rock bottom. An NBC poll cited in the column found the public’s positive view of the bureau has tanked by 15% in the last five years. The poll came days before Wray’s contentious hearing before Congress and amid calls for his resignation from GOP lawmakers over his leadership of the bureau.

“Conservatives no longer trust the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Liberals—or more precisely progressives—no longer trust the local police. We have a problem,” Henninger wrote.

“Confidence in U.S. institutions such as the FBI, Supreme Court and Congress has been on a steady decline since 2017 and is now reaching record lows. More broadly, less than a third of voters trust the federal government – a 20-year low…what’s going on now is different. The U.S. is already amid a crisis of confidence in what we call our governing institutions. That word, governing, is taken for granted, but it took a long time for governing to become a fact of daily life. Consider the opposite of governing elsewhere—mayhem, chaos, anarchy,” he continued.

With accusations of a politicized Department of Justice intensified by – among other things – the FBI raid on former President Trump’s home, Americans are turning away from the institutions that “provide the bedrock of domestic tranquility.” Henninger argued. (Read more from “Public Trust in FBI Has Reached ‘The Red Zone,’ U.S. Inching Closer to ‘Mayhem, Chaos, Anarchy:’ WSJ Columnist” HERE)

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