‘Barbie’ Banned in Kuwait, Under Fire in Lebanon for ‘Promoting Homosexuality’

Though Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie” movie has topped $1 billion in global ticket sales, some countries still aren’t on board.

The bubblegum pink flick won’t see a premiere in Kuwait to protect “public ethics and social traditions,” Reuters reported.

Lafi Al-Subaie, chairman of the film censorship committee in Kuwait, has accused “Barbie” of “carrying ideas that encourage unacceptable behavior and distort society’s values,” according to the Hollywood Reporter, which cited local media reports.

And in Lebanon, per Reuters, the film has been accused of “promoting homosexuality.”

Minister Mohammad Mortada, who is supported by the powerful political party and militant group Hezbollah, said the movie was found to “promote homosexuality and sexual transformation” and “contradicts values of faith and morality,” as it lessens the “importance of the family unit.” (Read more from “‘Barbie’ Banned in Kuwait, Under Fire in Lebanon for ‘Promoting Homosexuality'” HERE)

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