Excavation Comes up Empty: Zero Bodies Have Been Recovered From Canada’s ‘Unmarked Mass Graves’

A recent excavation project commissioned by a Native American leader at a Catholic church found no evidence of human remains, again casting doubt on allegations of Canada’s so-called “unmarked mass graves.”

Canada was rocked two years ago by reports of hundreds, or even thousands, of these alleged “unmarked mass graves” of Native American children at residential schools, which were funded by the Canadian government and run by Catholics and other Christians. So far, not a single body has been recovered.

Reports from this summer indicated that there could be the remains of 60 children on the premises, and then ground-penetrating radar found 14 “anomalies” in the basement of Our Lady of Seven Sorrows church, which sits beside the former Pine Creek Residential School. Like the dozen other reports before this one, the media suggested these “anomaly” detections were likely the bodies of children who were apparently killed or neglected to the point of death and then secretly buried in these “unmarked graves.” Wanting answers, Chief Derek Nepinak of Pine Creek First Nation helped commission an excavation, which started on July 24 and lasted about four weeks. In August, the chief announced that the team from the University of Brandon found no human remains.

“The archaeological team we hired from the University of Brandon, which is the same archaeological team relied upon by regional police agencies when doing archaeological excavations, found no conclusive evidence of human remains in their excavation of the ground under the church basement,” Chief Nepinak said. (Read more from “Excavation Comes up Empty: Zero Bodies Have Been Recovered From Canada’s ‘Unmarked Mass Graves’” HERE)

Photo credit: Flickr

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