Hunter Biden Digs Hole Even Deeper by Falsely Claiming Laptop Was ‘Hacked’

At least Hunter Biden now admits that the emails, pictures and documents are his. That’s progress.

It used to be that Hunter, while caviling about the invasion of his privacy, would not admit that the infamous laptop data actually belonged to him.

Now, in his latest round of vexatious litigation — this time, a lawsuit against 2020 Trump campaign lawyer Rudy Giuliani, as well as Robert Costello, Giuliani’s former lawyer and fellow former federal prosecutor — Team Biden’s position is marginally less incoherent.

Yes, Hunter now concedes, the data belong to him — the damning emails implicating his father, the president of the United States, in the lucrative Biden family influence-peddling business; the records of financial transactions and banking transfers supporting allegations that Hunter and his family, including his father, sold access to Joe Biden’s political influence; the sordid video images depicting the younger Biden’s rampant drug abuse and cavorting with prostitutes — which, along with the money-grabbing, provided rich veins of potential blackmail for hostile foreign regimes to tap.

Hunter’s claim that he was not the generator of this information was never remotely plausible. (Read more from “Hunter Biden Digs Hole Even Deeper by Falsely Claiming Laptop Was ‘Hacked’” HERE)

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