Hunter Biden Doesn’t Want to Show Up in Person for Felony Gun Arraignment

President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden doesn’t want to head back home to Delaware for a hearing over his felony gun charges, according to a judge slated to preside over his arraignment.

“Defendant seeks to have the initial appearance on the Indictment in this matter held via video conference,” U.S. District Judge Christopher Burke wrote in a docket entry Monday, noting the “Government opposes that request.”

As a result of the disagreement, Burke issued an oral order Monday directing the younger Biden’s attorneys to deliver a response by Tuesday as to why he should be allowed to appear virtually for his arraignment for three felony gun charges.

Prosecutors were ordered to file their response no later than Wednesday, indicating Burke’s decision over the matter could come as soon as this week.

Although Burke is presiding over the arraignment, the case is being handled by U.S. District Judge Maryellen Noreika, the same judge who blew up the proposed plea agreement between the first son and U.S. Attorney David Weiss in late July after the parties were not aligned on the terms of the deal. (Read more from “Hunter Biden Doesn’t Want to Show Up in Person for Felony Gun Arraignment” HERE)

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