Most Voters Say Joe Biden Involved in Family Business

Recent polling compared to previous polling data shows a majority of voters consistently believe President Joe Biden was involved in his family’s business, contradicting Joe Biden’s long held position that he never spoke to Hunter Biden about business.

An NBC News survey recently asked 1,000 voters from September 15-19 how concerned they were about “Joe Biden’s possible awareness or involvement in the business dealings of his son, Hunter Biden, including alleged financial wrongdoing and corruption.”

Overall, 60 percent were concerned, while 39 percent were not concerned. Among those who were concerned, 45 percent ranked the concern as a major worry. Fifteen percent said their concern was moderate. Only nine percent said Joe Biden’s involvement was a minor concern. Twenty-eight percent said they had no real concerns. . .

As a consistent majority of Americans believe Joe Biden was involved in the family business, another 60 percent of voters believe Joe Biden is working to cover up his involvement in his family’s business deals with foreign adversaries, a Rasmussen Reports poll found in July. Forty-five percent said a coverup is very likely. Thirty-four percent said it is not likely, including 18 percent who believe it is not at all likely. (Read more from “Most Voters Say Joe Biden Involved in Family Business” HERE)

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