Very Fake News: White House, Democrats, Media Claims of ‘No Evidence’ to Support Biden Impeachment Inquiry Contradicted by Mountains of Evidence

By Breitbart. The White House, Democrats, and their allied media outlets have been pushing outright disinformation by claiming there is “no evidence” to support an impeachment inquiry into Democrat President Joe Biden, contradicting mounds of evidence uncovered by House Republicans and already in the public sphere.

The left’s message since the launch of the impeachment inquiry into Biden seems clear and coordinated: several media outlets, Democrats, and the White House itself have all used phrases such as “without evidence,” “no evidence,” or “no direct evidence” to describe the House GOP effort that Speaker Kevin McCarthy announced earlier this week. But their claims are, quite simply, disinformation and easily disproven as the House Republicans have actually amassed quite a bit of evidence this year before proceeding to the next stage of the ongoing investigation — a massive escalation — with an impeachment inquiry.

It is important to note an impeachment inquiry is not the consideration of articles of impeachment. That could — or might not — come later. But an impeachment inquiry is simply that: an inquiry. It is an expansion, acceleration, and coordination of several committees’ ongoing investigative work and may end up leading to an impeachment — or it might not. That remains unclear. While McCarthy launched it with a public comment and directive to the members of his conference and the committees that will lead it, McCarthy’s comments also do not preclude an eventual possible vote formally authorizing such an inquiry down the road. That’s exactly what House Democrats did under then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi in their first impeachment of then-President Donald Trump in 2019 — she made an announcement and then five weeks later the House formally voted on the authorization. That could very well happen here.

Nonetheless, given the expansion and acceleration of the ongoing investigations into the president and his conduct, and with the announcement of the now-commenced impeachment inquiry, House Republicans have already amassed lots of evidence against Biden. (Read more from “Very Fake News: White House, Democrats, Media Claims of ‘No Evidence’ to Support Biden Impeachment Inquiry Contradicted by Mountains of Evidence” HERE)


‘Consistent With the 1023 Form’: Jim Jordan Lays Out Evidence Backing Biden Impeachment Inquiry

By Daily Caller. Republican Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio said that President Joe Biden’s actions were consistent with those described in a form outlining bribery allegations against Biden.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said Tuesday that an impeachment inquiry would move forward, with Jordan joining Republican Reps. James Comey of Ohio and Jason Smith of Missouri in leading the probe into business dealings involving Hunter Biden. Republican Sen. Charles Grassley released the FD-1023 form containing allegations that the Bidens received millions of dollars in bribes obtained from a whistleblower July 20.

“There are four key facts that just capture this all,” Jordan told Fox News host Laura Ingraham. “The first is Hunter is put on the board of Burisma. Second, he wasn’t qualified to be on the board of Burisma. Third, the people on Burisma say, ‘hey we need help with D.C. to get rid of the pressure this prosecutor is putting on us.’ Fourth, Joe Biden goes to Ukraine and gets the prosecutor fired and he uses our tax dollars, he leverages our tax money, the people of the fourth district of Ohio that I represent, leverages their money to get that done.”

“And when he did it, it was an abrupt turn from the policy of the Obama administration. And, frankly, what he did is consistent with the 1023 form and what the confidential human source said took place,” Jordan continued. “So, if that doesn’t warrant opening an impeachment inquiry, I don’t know what does. And then you add to that the layer of how the Justice Department has handled this case for four and a half years, I think we have to investigate.” (Read more from “‘Consistent With the 1023 Form’: Jim Jordan Lays Out Evidence Backing Biden Impeachment Inquiry” HERE)

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