Hamas Terror Leader Calls for Muslim Uprising ‘Everywhere’ on Friday the 13th

By WND. In the aftermath of his organization’s decision to spark a regional war that easily could turn into a much larger conflagration, Hamas leader Khalid Mashal now is calling for a further uprising. . .

In a video posted online by the Liberty Daily, Mashal spends minutes praising the terrorists who last weekend launched a depraved attack on Israel, killing probably 1,000 innocent civilians including babies who were gruesomely decapitated.

He blames the violence on the “criminal occupation” of Israel in line with his group’s ideology that calls for, like the Iranian regime demands, the total elimination of Israel.

It was Iran that likely funded some of the costs of the barrage of attacks that now has triggered Israel into a fullscale lockdown of Gaza, and its probable destruction.

Mashal threatens: “There is an invitation on Friday. Friday. A flood to Al-Aqsa. But they do it before Friday, after Friday, and on Friday. We want to tell the Zionists, their criminal leaders, their forces, and the Americans who came to their rescue, because they have double standard, they see Ukraine’s fight as fair but they do not see the battle of the Palestinian people as just.” (Read more from “Hamas Terror Leader Calls for Muslim Uprising ‘Everywhere’ on Friday the 13th” HERE)


Israeli Diplomat Draws ‘Clear Link’ to Iran in Hamas Attacks

By Politico. Israel’s ambassador-designate to Canada says he believes Iran was involved in the weekend’s deadly Hamas rampage on Israel.

“It’s clear that there is direct involvement in what is happening right now,” Iddo Moed told POLITICO on Tuesday.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken has said the U.S. has yet to see evidence. French President Emmanuel Macron told reporters Tuesday that he’d seen “no formal trace” that Iran was directly involved. The Israel Defense Forces said Iran’s involvement can’t be ruled out despite the lack of proof.

Asked for evidence, Moed pointed to August meetings that took place in Beirut between the heads of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard’s Al-Quds Force, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah and Hamas.

“With the presence of the Iranian minister of foreign affairs, then you see there is a clear link,” he said. (Read more from “Israeli Diplomat Draws ‘Clear Link’ to Iran in Hamas Attacks” HERE)

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