Parents Stunned After Restaurant Hits Them With This $50 Surcharge

A Georgia restaurant has found itself at the center of a viral controversy after a couple complained about being hit with a $50 surcharge at the establishment for their children’s alleged “loud” behavior.

A Reddit post showing Toccoa Riverside Restaurant’s posted rules blew up last week, with thousands of commenters stunned at the strict gratuity requirements. . .

This restaurant charges you extra for bad parenting
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After dessert, some of the parents took their children down to the water near the restaurant, Landmann recounted. That’s when Toccoa’s owner, Tim Richter, approached their table to allegedly berate the adults for their parenting skills.

“He has the menu in hand and he’s showing us where it talks about the fee,” Landmann recalls. “At first I thought he was gonna compliment us and be like, ‘But you won’t be charged because your kids were so well-behaved.’”

However, Richter informed them of an extra $50 charge and apparently yelled at them. (Read more from “Parents Stunned After Restaurant Hits Them With This $50 Surcharge” HERE)

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