State Says High Schoolers Can Graduate Without Knowing Math, Reading

High school students in one state have been relieved, by state officials, of the responsibility to document their understanding of math in order to graduate. . .

The stunning free-for-all has developed in Oregon, where the state Board of Education has decided – unanimously – that a pause on those “controversial” graduation requirements will be extended at least until 2029, according to a report from Oregon Live.

The vote disregarded the wishes of Oregon voters who submitted dozens of public comments asking that the standards be restored.

The requirements originally were lifted as part of the state’s schemes to deal with COVID-19.

State Department of Education officials claimed that documenting proficiency, such as through a standardized test or other ways, “was a harmful hurdle for historically marginalized students, a misuse of state tests and did not translate to meaningful improvements in students’ post high school success,” the report explained. (Read more from “State Says High Schoolers Can Graduate Without Knowing Math, Reading” HERE)

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