Mother of Boy Accused of ‘Black Face’ at Chiefs Game: ‘He Is Native American’

The mother of the boy attacked by ultra-woke media outlet Deadspin for wearing facepaint and an Indian feathered headdress at the Kansas City Chiefs game is speaking out against accusations that her boy is a racist who disrespected blacks and Native Americans, and she is noting that he actually has Native American heritage in his family.

Shannon Armenta, mother of five-year-old Chiefs fan Holden Armenta, is outraged over Deadspin’s accusations.

“This has nothing to do with the NFL,” Armenta wrote in a Monday Facebook post.

“Also, CBS showed him multiple times, and this is the photo people chose to blast to create division [she wrote referencing the profile view photo of her son]. He is Native American – just stop already,” she wrote.

Unlike many who have some vague feeling that “great great grandma was a Cherokee,” Armenta noted that her son could not be a racist against Indians because he has Native blood in his family.

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