New Film Gives Reel Truth in the Face of George Floyd Lies (VIDEO)

It’s a self-protective aspect of human nature to put aside painful memories, and that’s what most of us have done about the murderous riots in the summer of 2020 that were sparked by George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis.

But for the people of that fallen city, and for all the cops across the nation who were abandoned and betrayed by their feckless political leaders, the pain still burns bright.

It ought to burn for the rest of us, too, because we still are suffering the consequences, in the catastrophic breakdown of law and order nationwide. We will continue to do so while the lies about George Floyd’s death are left to fester.

A brilliant new crowdfunded documentary, “The Fall of Minneapolis,” aims to remedy our collective amnesia about the events of May 25, 2020 — a time when the country was already half-mad from the ravages of COVID-19 and forced lockdowns, and when Democratic Party operatives, including candidates Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, seized on the “Defund the police” movement, in order to bring down President Donald Trump.

So many lies have been told since, and so much truth buried by the Big Tech censors that control reality, that the documentary arrives like a slap in the face. (Read more from “New Film Gives Reel Truth in the Face of George Floyd Lies” HERE)

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