Poll: Homeschooling Continues to Rise Dramatically

Homeschooling has become America’s fastest-growing form of education and continues to explode in popularity long after pandemic-era remote learning has ended, a new Washington Post analysis shows.

The dramatic rise in homeschooling that began during the pandemic continued through the school year that ended this past spring, according to the Post’s analysis, which looked at data from nearly 7,000 school districts across the country.

Homeschooling’s continued popularity flies in the face of predictions that most families would go back to in-person classes at schools once controversial pandemic restrictions like mask mandates ended. Another concern parents had after the pandemic is learning loss in public schools, which may also be driving some families to homeschool.

“Home schooling’s surging popularity crosses every measurable line of politics, geography and demographics,” the Post’s analysis stated.

The analysis looked at data from 32 states and the District of Columbia, which represent more than 60% of school-age children. The data is incomplete because some states do not have reliable tallies of homeschoolers, and 11 states, including Texas, Michigan, Connecticut, and Illinois, do not require families to notify the state when they decide to homeschool. (Read more from “Poll: Homeschooling Continues to Rise Dramatically” HERE)

Photo credit: Flickr

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