Report: Biden To Pay Foreign Countries To Control Inflow of Illegal Aliens to U.S.

President Joe Biden is reportedly set to unveil a plan that would pay foreign countries with American tax dollars to control the inflow of illegal immigration to the United States.

Biden, on Friday, will meet with leaders from several North and South American countries to lay out a plan to finance economic projects in the region, which, in return, the White House hopes will help manage illegal immigration to the U.S.

“The hope is to expand economic prospects in the Western Hemisphere so migrants do not head to the United States,” Reuters reports:

The United States is working with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), which promotes economic development in Latin America and the Caribbean, to create a new financing platform that will serve middle- and higher-income countries, the officials said, requesting anonymity to share details on the forthcoming announcements. The United States will also work to expand its contributions to the bank, one of the officials said. [Emphasis added]

Clean energy, semiconductors and medical supplies were areas where the region could compete globally, one of the officials said, adding that increased cooperation efforts could also help Latin America bolster work in space, an area where it has lagged. [Emphasis added]

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