World Health Organization Has Gone Rogue, Should Not Be Taken Seriously

It is becoming increasingly clear that the World Health Organization has lost the plot about health and common sense.

In a move that most people would find puzzling, at the 76th World Health Assembly at the end of May, North Korea was elected to the WHO’s executive board. It is difficult to fathom why Kim Jong Un’s global pariah has been welcomed with open arms by an executive body that decides approaches to health care and public health policies worldwide.

In his acceptance speech, the North Korean representative promptly used his country’s new elevated platform to criticize the United States for having “the worst human rights record” because of its sanctions on Mr. Kim’s dictatorial regime. . .

It is widely recognized that the WHO failed miserably to deal with the COVID-19 outbreak. Despite reports of the virus escaping from China, it was not until mid-March 2020 that the WHO finally conceded that widespread community transmission was occurring and declared a pandemic.

Instead, in January 2020, as it was clear that countries other than China were reporting COVID-19 cases, the WHO spent its time publishing a series of 14 tweets about the dangers of vaping, including claims such as e-cigarette liquid being highly inflammable and that secondhand vapor is lethal to bystanders, both of which are false. (Read more from “World Health Organization Has Gone Rogue, Should Not Be Taken Seriously” HERE)

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