Joe Tries to Bidenboozle the Public on Inflation

President Biden’s increasingly brazen attempts to bamboozle the American public on economic matters have more than a whiff of desperation.

Biden complained in a speech on Monday that businesses were not reducing their prices even though inflation has declined. Those that were not cutting prices were engaged in “price gouging,” the president claimed.

“Let me be clear: To any corporation that has not brought their prices back down — even as inflation has come down, even supply chains have been rebuilt — it’s time to stop the price gouging — giving the American consumer a break,” Biden said.

When Biden says things that are so clearly wrong, the temptation is to write it off as one of his many rhetorical stumbles. When he referred to his Oval Office predecessor as “Congressman Trump” in a speech in Colorado yesterday, for example, few thought he genuinely believed that Donald Trump was serving in the House of Representatives. Neither did fair observers think he was trying to bamboozle the public into thinking Trump was a member of Congress, one of the few parts of government with lower approval ratings than Biden himself.

It just seemed like the lack of verbal acuity we’ve become accustomed to from Biden. He says a lot of things that do not make sense or are just plain wrong. But no one takes those things literally or seriously because that’s just the kind of thing we’ve come to expect after Biden says “let me be clear.” (Read more from “Joe Tries to Bidenboozle the Public on Inflation” HERE)

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