State Launches Black Inclusivity Training for State Park Workers (VIDEO)

The state of Indiana has launched a $17,500 Black inclusivity training for its state park workers.

The three-section interactive training, run by Black Folks Camp Too (BFCT), aims to educate state park staffers on how to guide people of color through state park camping and other activities. Dan Bortner, director of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (IDNR), said in a press release that improving the racial diversity of state park-goers would advance IDNR’s mission to “protect, enhance, preserve, and widely use” state resources.

“By actively welcoming more people who may have historically spent less time outdoors, we look forward to furthering our important mission now and for generations to come,” said Bortner.

Indiana entered into the $17,500 contract with BFCT in April of this year. BFCT has partnered with the state parks of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Oregon to offer diversity expertise as well. North Carolina paid BFCT $26,800. Oregon paid BFCT $2,000 for a keynote speech in October.

The training will review a history of outdoor recreational barriers that prevented communities of color from participation, as well as exploring and identifying biases regarding outdoors access for communities of color.

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Photo credit: Flickr

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