22-Year-Old Undergoes Double Lung Transplant After Heavy Vaping

In a harrowing turn of events, a 22-year-old man from Fargo, North Dakota, recently underwent a double lung transplant on January 1, 2024, following years of heavy vaping. Jackson Allard’s journey serves as a stark reminder of the severe health risks associated with the use of e-cigarettes, particularly among young adults.

According to Valley News Live, Allard had been hospitalized in critical condition since October 18, 2023, when he initially sought medical attention for stomach pain. The situation took a dire turn as doctors discovered low oxygen levels, leading to a diagnosis of influenza and double pneumonia. Despite initial interventions, Allard’s condition deteriorated, and he was placed on life support in November 2023.

Allard’s grandmother, Doreen Hurlburt, revealed the grim prognosis that doctors had initially given. “At one point, a doctor said he had a one percent chance of living, and we said, ‘He’s fighting, he’s fought for how many weeks. We’re going to give him a chance to fight, we’re not going to stop any procedures or anything,'” Hurlburt shared with the outlet.

The young man’s addiction to vaping played a significant role in his deteriorating health. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warns that e-cigarettes, with their nicotine content, pose significant risks to the developing brains of kids, teens, and young adults. Allard’s heavy vaping habit led to irreversible damage, prompting doctors to consider the drastic measure of a double lung transplant.

“You have to stop vaping, and we kept telling him that over and over and over again, and he was a heavy vaper. He vaped all the time, but he said, ‘It’s better than cigarettes.’ Well, they said, ‘With cigarettes, in 50 years you’ll have lung cancer; in five years, if you vape, they will see you with permanent lung damage,'” lamented Doreen.

Allard’s story serves as a cautionary tale, with his grandmother expressing concern that his life “will be totally different” due to the irreversible damage caused by vaping. Despite the challenging recovery ahead, Allard hopes to prevent others from going through a similar ordeal. “He said he just wants to make sure other people don’t do what he did: vape and end up having to go through what he went through,” shared Doreen.

Photo credit: Flickr

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