China’s Highly Controlled Internet Is Filled With Anti-Semitic Rhetoric Following Hamas Slaughter

Aaron Keyak, the State Department’s deputy special envoy to monitor and combat anti-Semitism, suggested that anti-Semitism has spread throughout China since Hamas’ surprise attack against the Jewish state on October 7, according to Fox News Digital. The comments were made last week when Keyak spoke at the U.S. Bar Association.

Keyak said that “[t]here’s been an increase in the People’s Republic of China’s state media and online discourse of antisemitic tropes that Jews control the United States through deep U.S.-Israel ties, as well as control over banks, the media, and that they have influence over government leaders.”

“Conjecture that Jews control the U.S. government and U.S. wealth is an antisemitic falsehood intended to degrade trust in the United States, our democratic institutions and, ultimately, democracy around the globe.”

The Hudson Institute published a report in November 2023 that laid out China’s propensity for anti-Semitic rhetoric. The report mentioned that China’s ideological roots are, in many ways, rooted in Marxist political thought. And Karl Marx’s “first serious publications was his 1844 pamphlet ‘On the Jewish Question,’ in which he argued that Jews constituted ‘a problem’ for Europe, the solution to which was for Europe to rid itself of what he termed the Jews’ real religion — the worship of money.” . . .

Most of the hatred that has been expressed about Jews has been online, with Chinese “netizens” openly ridiculing the parents of Noa Argamani, who is a half-Chinese, Israeli-born captive who was kidnapped by Hamas. Though Argamani’s mother has asked Beijing for help in rescuing her daughter, she has been mocked online and the victim of a string of profanities. (Read more from “China’s Highly Controlled Internet Is Filled With Anti-Semitic Rhetoric Following Hamas Slaughter” HERE)

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