God and Jerusalem-Page 2

To the atheists among us this won’t mean much, but to every single Jewish or Christian man and woman in this country this should mean everything. Israel is the homeland for the Jewish people by God-given right. Obama does not and will never believe in it. Strike one. I also believe that America’s special and historic relationship with Israel has enabled it to become the greatest nation this planet has ever seen. Obama does not and will never believe that either. Strike two. And finally, and most importantly, Obama’s Democratic party took both God and Jerusalem off its platform. As if Obama and the “new” Democratic Party haven’t shown enough of their true colors during the past four years, this reinforced to America who they really are. All they had to do is take God and Jerusalem out. Strike three. And strike three it was this past Wednesday.

I know some of you would argue that at the very last moment Obama forced these two issues up the party’s throat which enabled the Democrats to claim God and Jerusalem are still part of their platform. Unfortunately for all you good Democrats, it is just too little, too late. We all now know and are aware of what you really think and believe. A last minute political maneuver to try and save your fate from the public’s wrath will not succeed. We all witnessed it live this past Wednesday.

For open minded and reasonable Christians and Jews, if strike three isn’t enough to make you reconsider and reevaluate your decision in November, nothing will. If your hatred towards Conservatives is greater than your faith and your common sense, I’m afraid nothing else I can say will change your mind. It’s been four years of the most corrupt administration in American history, the greatest debt we ever faced, extremely high unemployment, unprecedented gas prices, huge government growth and outrageous taxes. This of course is only a partial list of the chaos that has hit this country since Obama took office. If this is not enough to signal that something is incredibly wrong and should drastically change, I’m afraid we have crossed the point of no return.

I just hope that at least God (yes the same God Obama and the Democrats threw out of their lives, their convention and their platform), will not decide to give Obama another four years. I know I wouldn’t.