Insane Surge in Excess Deaths in 2023 Among Young Americans Sparks Concern

The first nine months of 2023 have witnessed a stark increase in unexpected or excess deaths, with a troubling figure of about 158,000 more deaths compared to the same period in 2019. This alarming revelation comes from a report by the Society of Actuaries (SOA), an organization whose insights guide decisions in the insurance industry.

What is particularly concerning is that these excess deaths are disproportionately affecting young, working-age individuals. The SOA report reveals a 19 percent increase in mortality rates among the insured group aged 25 to 34 and a striking 26 percent increase among those aged 35 to 44. In contrast, the mortality rate among insured individuals aged 65 and older was six percent below the pre-pandemic norm.

The impact of these unexpected deaths is highlighted by the fact that life insurance companies reported a significant surge in death claims – a 15.4 percent increase amounting to $90 billion in 2020. Although claim rates slowed in 2022, they remained higher than 2019 levels.

Actuaries and industry analysts are now predicting a continued rise in unexpected deaths among younger individuals with life insurance policies until 2030, defying expectations for a typically healthier demographic.

The decline in life expectancy has also been noted by Dr. Robert Califf, the commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). He expressed deep concern about the catastrophic decline in life expectancy in the U.S., particularly among the younger population. In December, Califf highlighted the alarming findings of a report from JAMA International Medicine, which revealed a drop in average life expectancy to 76 years, with male life expectancy even lower at 73 years.

In an X forum discussion, a user linked the decline in life expectancy to COVID-19 vaccines, referencing a study that indicated an increase in cancer rates among Britons coinciding with the vaccine rollout. The study highlighted concerning statistics, including a 28 percent rise in fatal breast cancer rates among women and an 80 percent increase in pancreatic cancer deaths among women, among other findings.

The user raised concerns about the contamination of COVID-19 vaccines with simian virus 40, a known factor linked to cancer. Additionally, the user questioned whether the FDA, under Dr. Califf’s leadership, would consider recalling the injections due to this contamination and raised the possibility of T-cell exhaustion following vaccination as a potential explanation for the surge in cancer cases.

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