Jill Biden Will Bring Woman Who Left Texas for Abortion to State of the Union

First lady Jill Biden is bringing Kate Cox, a woman who left Texas to get an abortion, as her guest to the State of the Union address in March.

Cox made headlines last month when she was denied an abortion in Texas for her unborn baby with a fetal anomaly and so left to obtain the abortion out of state. . .

“On Sunday, the President and the First Lady spoke to Kate Cox, who was forced to go to court to seek permission for the care she needed for a nonviable pregnancy that threatened her life. They thanked her for her courage in sharing her story and speaking out about the impact of the extreme abortion ban in Texas,” White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said. . .

Cox, who has two other children, was more than 20 weeks pregnant with a baby who had a condition called trisomy 18, which involves having an extra chromosome 18 and can cause abnormalities like heart defects.

About 95% of trisomy 18 pregnancies result in a miscarriage. However, some babies do survive past birth and can live into their toddler years, teen years, or even longer. A woman believed to be one of the oldest people with the condition lived to 40. (Read more from “Jill Biden Will Bring Woman Who Left Texas for Abortion to State of the Union” HERE)

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore via Flickr

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