Married Mom Tries to Solve All Her Problems by Having Sex With a Bunch of Random Dudes

[Warning: this post contains explicit content.]

. . .The New York Times (NYT), the Washington Post, and the New Yorker have all taken the MILF archetype and inverted it into a tale of feminist heroism. It’s no longer a story of promiscuous young men pursuing older women to break their bonds of marriage and family. In 2024, MILFs are the “main character,” as the kids say, as the three outlets give a glowing profile of one aging, married mom and her sexual journey to “self-discovery.”

If you wish you knew more about the sex lives of women in their 50s, Molly Roden Winter has just the book for you. The married, Brooklyn mom of two has no real claim to fame. At some point, she was an 8th grade English teacher, The NYT reported. She’s written sparsely for some lefty mommy mags and amateurish literary reviews. She has only 145 followers on Twitter. However, both our publishing industry and corporate media are apparently so addicted to pushing the boundaries of sexual transgression that neither could resist telling the story of her “Big Sexual Adventure.”

As the Times explains, “More: A Memoir of Open Marriage” details Winter’s “agonizing and breathtakingly candid” experience with polyamory. Her journey began unexpectedly in 2008 after a decade of marriage, when, “frustrated after an exhausting day caring for their boys while he [her husband] worked late,” she fell into a “flirtatious conversation with a man.” Feeling guilty, she confessed her transgression to her husband who then encouraged her to “sleep with her new acquaintance.” Both then began seeing other people while ostensibly remaining happily married.

What started as a journey of “sexual thrill-seeking” for Winter — filled with “butt plugs, fisting and anal intercourse” — became something much more. The “brief encounters in seedy hotel rooms” transformed into “romantic partnerships that last for years.” She documents her experiences with her “generous German lover,” a French-Argentine with an illegal fetish, and the 29-year old with a “shockingly large penis.” Despite finding “sexual and romantic fulfillment,” she emphasizes that the pleasure did not come without pain.

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