Poll: Many D.C. Jurors Open to Harsh Punishments, Including Execution, for J6 Protesters

A recent survey conducted by Triton Polling and Research between Jan. 1-8 has unveiled alarming sentiments among potential jurors in Washington, D.C., regarding the participants of the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol protest. The survey, exclusively obtained by The Epoch Times, sheds light on a significant bias that could impact the fairness of trials related to the events of that day.

Out of the 422 surveyed “jury eligible residents,” 27.5% labeled the protest participants as “insurrectionists,” while 13% referred to them as “criminals,” and nearly 15% identified them as “domestic terrorists.” Additionally, 12% characterized them as “traitors.”

The survey participants overwhelmingly attributed blame for the events to former President Donald Trump, with 75% “strongly” and 14.4% “somewhat” agreeing that Trump was responsible. Moreover, 76.6% “strongly” agreed that Trump’s supporters are racists. Two-thirds of respondents labeled the events of Jan. 6 as “terrorism.”

After being informed about the potential penalties for insurrection, treason, or domestic terrorism, which include life imprisonment or death, 26.9% “strongly agreed” and 21.1% “somewhat agreed” that these penalties would be “a fair punishment for anyone who participated in any of the events of January 6.”

Disturbingly, 80.1% of respondents expressed their willingness to serve as jurors if called, with many indicating a desire to be on a jury to ensure guilty verdicts and punishments for the defendants.

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