Report: Biden Admin Warns Israel Against Taking Major Military Action Against Hezbollah

Israel is considering launching a major military operation against Hezbollah after months of harassment and threats from the terror group, alarming some U.S. officials.

Hezbollah has threatened Israel on its northern border from Lebanon for months since Hamas terrorists invaded Israel from the Gaza Strip on October 7, murdering roughly 1,200 people and taking hostage hundreds more. Warnings from Israel that it intends to put a stop to Hezbollah’s threats have alarmed the Biden administration, which fears a growing Middle East conflict, according to The Washington Post. . .

The Biden administration is reportedly warning Israel against taking significant action against Hezbollah, warning that a U.S. intelligence assessment found that if Israel were to expand its military operations to Lebanon as well as Gaza, success would be difficult for Israel to achieve.

Biden administration officials believe Israel’s signals against Hezbollah may be a result of political pressure on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Netanyahu may push military action against Hezbollah in order to recover politically from the fallout over a failure to prevent the invasion of October 7, according to Biden administration concerns shared with the Post. (Read more from “Report: Biden Admin Warns Israel Against Taking Major Military Action Against Hezbollah” HERE)

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