‘Simply Not Going To Be Messed With’: U.S. Planning For Houthi Retaliation, Pentagon Official Says

The Iran-backed Houthis are likely to retaliate for strikes the U.S. and United Kingdom conducted on dozens of targets in Yemen the rebels used to launch attacks on commercial shipping and U.S. military vessels, a top Pentagon military officer said Friday.

Neither the U.S. nor the Houthis yet know the extent of the damage from Thursday evening’s bombardment, Lt. Gen. Douglas Sims, who heads the Joint Staff’s operations directorate, said on a call with reporters. But, Sims said it’s “within the DNA” of the Houthis to continue attacks that do not bring them any immediate benefit despite realizing that the U.S. will not relent in efforts to secure freedom in international waters.

“My guess is that the Houthis are trying to figure things out on the ground and trying to determine what capabilities still exist for them. As you know, their rhetoric has been pretty strong and pretty high. I would expect that they will attempt some sort of retaliation,” Sims said.

U.S. aircraft, warships and one submarine fired 15o of various kinds of munitions at dozens of targets in 28 locations, Sims said. After striking more than 60 targets, including radars, missile launch sites and storage facilities, munitions depots and other targets at 16 locations, the U.S. conducted a second round of strikes on 12 more targets, Sims said.

The Houthis launched a ballistic missile at a commercial vessel Friday after the strikes, Sims confirmed. The missile missed its target but demonstrates the group’s persistence in attempting to shut down trade through the critical waterway, according to Sims.

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