U.N. Announces Iran To Lead Conference On Nuclear Disarmament

Iran, the leading state sponsor of terror, is scheduled to lead the United Nations Conference on Disarmament from March 18-29 and May 13-24, the U.N. announced last week.

Each year, the U.N. disarmament conference is presided over by one of the 65 member countries. Each country serves as conference president for four working weeks. The presidency rotates among the members in alphabetical order. Other countries to serve as conference presidents this year are India, Indonesia, Iraq, Ireland, and Israel.

The Conference on Disarmament is the U.N. body in charge of negotiating nuclear disarmament treaties and a slew of other weapons agreements. Concern over Iran’s nuclear ambitions has grown in recent decades, especially as the Iranian regime has grown more aggressive in the Middle East through a network of terror groups.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), a U.N. nuclear watchdog organization, warned last year that Tehran has likely stockpiled enough enriched Uranium to make several nuclear warheads. IAEA inspectors have for months attempted to gain access to Iran’s stockpiles of nuclear material for inspection, but Tehran has barred them. (Read more from “U.N. Announces Iran To Lead Conference On Nuclear Disarmament” HERE)

Photo credit: Flickr

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