The Possible Return of Donald Trump Sends Deep State Into Tailspin

The intelligence community is reportedly “on edge” over former President Donald Trump’s potential return to the White House and what it may mean for those who oppose him.

Politico — the outlet that published a debunked article implying the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation — interviewed 18 former officials and analysts who worked in the sprawling bureaucracy as either appointees or career officials, with the majority wanting to snipe at Trump anonymously, allegedly to “avoid provoking backlash.”

The piece cites Trump critic Fiona Hill — a Russia analyst and former intelligence official who served under George Bush and Barack Obama and went from the liberal think tank Brookings Institution to join the Trump National Security Council, where a number of holdovers from the Obama administration served. . .

The critics and anonymous former officials warned that Trump could “overhaul the nation’s spy agencies in a way that could lead to an unprecedented level of politicization of intelligence.” They warned that Trump would “push even harder” than his first administration to oust people hostile to his political agenda.

While Politico acknowledged, “America’s spy agencies are never completely divorced from politics,” it implied that is only a problem under Trump:

[A]n overhaul of the type Trump is expected to attempt could undermine the credibility of American intelligence at a time when the U.S. and allies are relying on it to navigate crises in Ukraine and the Middle East. It could also effectively strip the intelligence community of the ability to dissuade the president from decisions that could put the country at risk.

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Photo credit: Gage Skidmore via Flickr