Gender ‘Studies’ Exposed as Something Far More Disturbing Than Actual Studies

A new report stunningly has revealed that those “studies” regarding gender dysphoria, studies used to promote the scientifically impossible ideology that men can become women or vice versa, are not studies at all. . .

It is Liberty Counsel, a team of legal experts that has fought multiple bans on counseling that helps people deal with those unwanted sex attractions, that has reported, “A group of scientists reviewed the compendium of current ‘studies’ on gender dysphoria. The researchers reviewed 5,765 scientific articles across 46 different health, psychology, science, social, and humanities databases.”

The report said, “What these scientists found is that nearly all of the published research around gender affirmation includes significant flaws. These flaws would never be justified in actual scientific diagnostic procedures without the highly coordinated social and political pressure campaign the rabid LGBTQ community is waging.”

Explained Liberty Counsel, “For several years, we have been told that gender dysphoria must be treated by affirming the patient’s delusion and poisoning the patient with cross-sex hormones while waiting for body mutilation surgeries to remove healthy organs. How many times have we been told that ‘the science is settled’? Well, it turns out ‘the science’ isn’t settled. In fact, what the so-called gender industry has been shoving down our throats is not science at all.”

The report cited the review that confirmed many studies are no more than the “political bias” of the “gender affirmation” industry. (Read more from “Gender ‘Studies’ Exposed as Something Far More Disturbing Than Actual Studies” HERE)