WWIII WATCH: Putin Warns of Nuclear Consequences if Western Troops Enter Ukraine; Germany Appears to Have Inadvertently Revealed the UK and France have Soldiers in Ukraine

In a startling escalation of tensions, Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a stern warning that any deployment of Western troops in Ukraine could lead to global nuclear conflict. The ominous statement comes amidst rising concerns over the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and the potential for broader international involvement.

Putin declared Russia’s willingness to use its “entire arsenal” if the conflict in Ukraine does not go in its favor. The Russian leader accused Western allies of contemplating the deployment of troops to Ukraine and warned of severe consequences if such a move were to occur.

French President Emmanuel Macron recently stated that sending Western soldiers to Ukraine “could not be ruled out.” He emphasized the need to do everything possible to prevent Russia from prevailing in the conflict.

Putin, during his address, accused Western allies of selecting targets for striking Russian territory and discussed the possibility of sending a NATO contingent to Ukraine. He warned that the consequences for potential invaders would be “far more tragic” than in previous instances when foreign troops were sent to Russian territory.

In a somewhat taunting tone, Putin questioned whether Western leaders truly understood the gravity of the situation, suggesting that they were treating the conflict as a simulation. He asserted that these leaders, who he claimed hadn’t faced tough challenges, seemed to have forgotten the harsh realities of war.

The international community now faces a precarious situation, with diplomatic efforts likely to intensify to prevent further escalation and find a peaceful resolution to the conflict in Ukraine.


Germany Appears to Have Inadvertently Revealed the UK and France have Soldiers in Ukraine

By Breitbart. German Chancellor Scholz stands accused of handing Russia a propaganda coup in order to smooth over his own political difficulties as he claims the presence of British and French soldiers aiding Ukrainian forces.

Scholz has been accused of abusing intelligence and being a bad ally by angry NATO politicians after his remarks about the level of involvement he claims there is of the British and French in the deployment of the Storm Shadow / SCALP cruise missiles they have given to Ukraine, and which have been deployed with devastating effect. . .

It is a little-discussed fact that many NATO states have soldiers in Ukraine, but these troops are generally present only to protect the embassies of those nations in Kyiv, and to safeguard diplomatic staff. In some cases they have additional roles: the United States has been open about the fact it has a limited presence of soldiers who track what happens to the enormous amounts of high-tech weapons systems the West gives to Ukraine, for the sake of accountability. Indeed, that presence was re-confirmed only this week by John Kirby.

In the case of the United Kingdom, an apparently off-guard remark by a senior military officer in 2022 revealed there may be more going on behind the scenes, the Lieutenant General saying there had been “discreet operations in a hugely sensitive environment and with a high level of political and military risk”. The British government later strongly denied having any active troops in Ukraine, however, warning against “taking at face value allegations that have the potential to spread disinformation”. (Read more from “Germany Appears to Have Inadvertently Revealed the UK and France have Soldiers in Ukraine” HERE)