Another Arab Country Rejects Hosting Hamas Terrorist Leaders

Despite its previous wars and rhetoric against Israel since the Jewish State’s founding — don’t get us started on Queen Rania — the government of Jordan, though a senior diplomat, entirely rebuffed the suggestion that Hamas leaders could move to the Kingdom from their current home base in Qatar.

Mousa Abu Marzouk, the deputy political chief for Iran-backed Hamas, said in a recent interview that if Qatar decided to boot the terrorist leaders, Hamas would “move to Jordan.”

Jordan, however — after its air force joined in the defense of Israel during Iran’s unprecedented direct attack on the Jewish State — said that’s not an option. And it’s not the first time rejecting Hamas attempts to move their “political” (read: terrorist) operation to Jordan after the Kingdom banned Hamas in 1999

Jordanian diplomat Ziad Majali reminded that “Hamas behaves as if there’s no state and no authority in Jordan that will decide and determine how to act and how to conduct itself” and made it clear that “Jordan has closed the book on Palestinian cells — and we do not intend to reopen it.” (Read more from “Another Arab Country Rejects Hosting Hamas Terrorist Leaders” HERE)

Photo credit: Flickr