Israel Raids, Shuts Down News Service in the Country

Israeli authorities raided and shut down Qatar-based television news network Al Jazeera in Israel with the unanimous approval of the Israeli government, according to an official statement.

“The Government, today, unanimously approved the closure of Al Jazeera according to the proposal of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Communications Minister Shlomo Karhi,” the statement from Netanyahu’s office released Sunday read.

The orders, signed by Karhi, reportedly went into immediate effect.

Netanyahu conceived and advanced the law based on his conviction that Al Jazeera was “harming the state,” the statement implied. Karhi implemented the law after having received “at least one security opinion and the approval of either the Government or the Security Cabinet.”

“Al Jazeera correspondents have harmed the security of Israel and incited against IDF soldiers. The time has come to eject Hamas’s mouthpiece from our country,” Netanyahu said, the statement reported. (Read more from “Israel Raids, Shuts Down News Service in the Country” HERE)