Leaked: New Woke Curriculum at West Point

We’ll soon see whether they’re really going to teach this bullshit at the US Military Academy.

One leaked course description: “Uniformed Perspectives: The Evolution of Cross-Dressing in the Military and Gender Norms”.¹

Another: “Deconstructing Patriotism: Exploring Postmodernism and US Army Recruitment Amidst the Lack of a National Narrative”.²

In other words, the Army is now engaged in a philosophy of self-defeat and self-destruction. All in. No holds barred.

If the overall LGBT PRIDE movement in America is any indicator, the US Army will play host to, “You gave us an inch, we’re going to take a mile.”

WOKE will spread like wildfire in the Armed Forces.

Military hospitals will be a doing a land-office business in castrations.

I see this as predators on the march, and a cultural exhaustion after the deliberate wipe-out of individual power, can-do ambition, and the sky’s the limit.

Replaced by: “Come on, admit it, haven’t you always wanted to wear a dress?”

Pumped up from its small deviant origins, into a new giant synthetic balloon, by DEI/government leaders.

A young person who, a hundred years ago, would have dreamed about starting a business, now dreams of gender-reassignment surgery.

And what better way of getting it than by enlisting in the Army?

—Meanwhile, at a high level, this and other freak shows featuring distortions of the human body are a softening up process, to prepare people for……

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Photo credit: Flickr