Republicans Press CDC Over the Unethical, Unchecked ‘Wild West’ Fertility Industry

Three congressional Republicans want to know where the Centers for Disease Control stands on the “‘Wild West’ of assisted reproductive technology.”

Reps. Josh Brecheen of Oklahoma, Andrew Clyde of Georgia, and Matt Rosendale of Montana released a letter to CDC Director Mandy Cohen on Tuesday demanding answers about her agency’s knowledge and recommendations regarding the “destruction of precious life in the in vitro fertilization (IVF) industry.”

Citing the “government’s role in securing the natural right to life” noted in the Declaration of Independence, the Republicans worried that Big Fertility “has long operated under the radar of lawmakers in the United States.”

“While other Western countries prohibit clinics from practicing eugenics or carelessly destroying human life, the U.S. does not even require clinics to be transparent about their participation in these activities,” they wrote.

The CDC’s latest artificial reproductive technology (IVF) data suggests Americans undergo hundreds of thousands of IVF cycles each year. Since standard practice in American IVF requires harvesting and fertilizing multiple ova to increase chances of successful lab conception, hundreds of thousands of IVF cycles suggests millions of embryos are created and either destroyed or abandoned in freezers each year as well. (Read more from “Republicans Press CDC Over the Unethical, Unchecked ‘Wild West’ Fertility Industry” HERE)