White House Insists on a ‘Political’ Solution to Deal with Hamas Terrorists

As with most other sane policies, the Biden administration has entirely — for a while now — thrown the conventional wisdom about “don’t negotiate with terrorists” out the window.

Proving its inexplicable desire to legitimize Iran-backed Hamas and hand swaths of the region over to violent terrorist group “a” or more violent terrorist group “b,” Biden’s National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan insisted on Monday there must be a “political” solution to end the war sparked by Hamas on October 7.

That massacre, of course, saw Hamas and other Iran-backed terrorists invade Israel by land and air, massacre the most Jews in any single day since the Holocaust, and return to Gaza with bloodied hostages to whom the terrorists did unspeakable evils. Still, the Biden administration thinks diplomacy can achieve a peaceful resolution to the vile wickedness of Hamas and its aim to annihilate Israel.

Despite the lunacy of such a proposal, Sullivan again reiterated Biden’s belief that a “two-state solution” is the “political” answer to the current war. In fact, he said it’s the “only way” to ensure Israel’s security.

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