MUST WATCH: Tucker Carlson Utterly Destroys Australian Mainstream Media

Tucker Carlson asked how the media could have “people this stupid” after he tore into a reporter’s “absurd” and “disingenuous” questions at a speaking event on Tuesday in Canberra, Australia.

Australian Associated Press reporter Kat Wong questioned Carlson about his immigration views and said that he has “talked” about the “Great Replacement Theory” on his show regarding how “white Australians, Americans, and Europeans” are being replaced by “nonwhite immigrants.”

“Whites are being replaced? I don’t think I said that,” Carlson pushed back.

“Well, it’s been mentioned on your show 4,000 times,” she said. . .

“I’m pretty sure I haven’t said that. I said native-born Americans are being replaced, including blacks, native-born Americans,” the former Fox News host said. “Americans who, like black Americans, have been in the United States for many decades, their families over 400 years. Their concerns are every bit as real and valid and alive to me as the concerns of white people whose families have been there for 400 years. So I’ve never said that whites are being replaced, not one time. And you can’t cite it.” (Read more from “MUST WATCH: Tucker Carlson Utterly Destroy Australian Mainstream Media” HERE)

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore via Flickr