What Is Hamas Hiding in Rafah, and Why Doesn’t Biden Want the IDF to Find It?

In the lead up to the Israel Defense Forces’ (IDF) operation to destroy Hamas and secure the release of over 100 hostages – including 8 Americas – believed to be in and around Rafah, leaders around the world from Joe Biden to the collective leftist leaders of the European Union to Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi panicked and ordered Israel to forestall its necessary means to end the war.

Why did world leaders clamor for Israel to do nothing?

What are they hiding?

. . .

Over one million Gazans were said to be sheltering in humanitarian safe areas in Rafah, and Hamas used them as human shields to ensure that Israel would not invade. An Israeli operation would force the vaunted international community to warn Israel against such action to protect civilians. Indeed, Hamas’s strategy of sacrificing civilians has led Norway, Spain, and Ireland to decide that terrorism should be rewarded with recognition of a Palestinian state. This is the moral equivalent of offering a restored Reich to Adolph Hitler.

Israel, undaunted by the virtue signaling of the international community and determined to defeat Hamas and rescue hostages, entered Rafah. Prior to the IDF entry, it flooded Rafah with instructions: sending Gazan civilians phone calls, text messages, and millions of dropped leaflets urging them to leave the area in advance of an Israeli incursion. They literally warned the enemy that they were coming and urged civilians to flee. Nearly one million Gazans fled to humanitarian zones in Rafah. (Read more from “What Is Hamas Hiding in Rafah, and Why Doesn’t Biden Want the IDF to Find It?” HERE)