Trump Proudly Shares ‘Leak’ Video Bashing Biden, Kamala

Former President Donald Trump proudly shared a viral video of himself bashing President Joe Biden on the golf course post-debate, essentially sucking the wind out of the sails of the establishment media by not only reposting the clip but adding the all-caps caption, “NO TAX ON TIPS,” as he handed a group of individuals off camera cash in the viral recording.

“How did I do with the debate the other night?” Trump asks a group of individuals, handing them the cash from the golf cart. His youngest son, Barron Trump, can be seen riding shotgun throughout the exchange.

Trump, wearing a polo that has “MAGA” on the collar and “47” prominently on the sleeve, can then be heard calling Biden an “old broken down pile of crap” and a “bad guy.”

He then tells the individuals that Biden is rumored to quit the race because of him.

“That means we have Kamala. I think she’s going to be better,” Trump says as he slips on a glove. “She’s so bad. She’s so pathetic. She’s so f**king bad,” Trump says before pivoting back. (Read more from “Trump Proudly Shares ‘Leak’ Video Bashing Biden, Kamala” HERE)

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore via Flickr