Tucker Carlson Reacts to Trump vs. Biden Debate, Exposes Media Cover-Up of Biden’s Dementia

Renowned conservative commentator Tucker Carlson didn’t hold back in his scathing critique of the mainstream media and President Joe Biden during a packed event at Sydney’s International Convention Centre. Speaking to a crowd of 4,000 enthusiastic fans, Carlson boldly claimed that the media has been concealing the truth about President Biden’s cognitive decline.

Carlson accused the mainstream media, particularly CNN, of knowingly hiding Biden’s dementia from the public. “Democratic operatives posing as journalists” were his choice words for the reporters who, according to him, have been complicit in this cover-up. He lambasted their feigned shock at Biden’s recent debate performance, which many critics have called a clear display of his cognitive struggles.

“But for the media today to be like, wow, we just got the diagnosis, this is shocking, he can’t run for president,” Carlson said on Friday, highlighting the disingenuous nature of their surprise. He asserted that either the media is “really stupid … or they’re liars, they’re truly dishonest, they’re hiding the obvious from you.”

Carlson’s comments resonate with a growing sentiment among conservatives and independent observers who have long questioned Biden’s fitness for office. His debate performance has intensified these concerns, leading many to believe that the media has been deliberately shielding the public from the truth. (Read more from “‘Joe Biden Has Dementia’: Tucker Carlson Reacts to First Presidential Debate” HERE)