Verdict is In: Biden’s ABC ‘Comeback’ Interview Was a Disaster

You know that hyped ABC “comeback” video the Biden Regime was buzzing about? The big plan was for Joe to flip the script on the “debate disaster” by cozying up with former Clinton aide and shameless progressive George Stephanopoulos for a carefully taped, easy-breezy interview. This was supposed to reassure America that the so-called “president” is sharp and ready to steer us—possibly off a cliff—for another four years.

But that “comeback”? It never happened. As a matter of fact, the ABC interview, which again was not live, only made the debacle worse. It confirmed everyone’s “dementia” fears following the chaotic live debate. It’s shocking that even with a taped setup and a friendly face across the way, they couldn’t hide the glaring signs of Joe’s decline.

From the get-go, Biden looked far from healthy. He appeared more like an overripe orange, slathered in bronzer in a sad attempt to conjure up a “summer glow.”

But the way he “glowed” was the least of his worries. As always, it was Joe’s responses that really messed him up, like trying to play the “crowd size” game. It was never a good idea against Trump, and George knew it.

This interview was so incredibly bad, you have to. wonder if Joe’s handlers secretly hate him. Biden sounded exhausted and out of breath.

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Photo credit: Gage Skidmore via Flickr