Canada Is Facing the Worst Military Recruitment Crisis Ever

It’s not an issue hitting the United States, but it does hit close to home since it impacts Canada, our neighbor to the north. The 2022 midterm elections have dominated the fall season, so I can see why this crisis fell by the wayside, but Canada has a severe military recruitment emergency. Some 10,000 positions are vacant, leaving the nation degraded regarding its capability to protect the country. In October, the CBC described the current military situation in Canada as “unprecedented” (via CBC):

The commander of the Canadian Armed Forces is calling on the country to rally behind its military as it faces an unprecedented personnel crisis that he says is threatening its ability to protect and defend Canada.

. . .

“So we need a whole-of-society effort to help us bring the Armed Forces back to where it needs to be for the dangerous world ahead.”

The extraordinary appeal comes as Eyre and his subordinates are struggling to fill about 10,000 empty positions at a time when Canada’s military is facing a growing number of threats and requests for help at home and abroad.

(Read more from “Canada Is Facing the Worst Military Recruitment Crisis Ever” HERE)

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Ukraine “Military Aid” From USA — Was Invested in Crypto “FTX” by Kiev!

The sudden collapse of crypto exchange “FTX” and its Bankruptcy filing today, has revealed that FTX presently suffers from $10-$50 BILLION in liabilities with almost ZERO assets . . . and among those liabilities, are “investments” made by . . . . UKRAINE . . . .

At this early hour, it appears that tens-of-billions in American “Military Aid” to Ukraine, which was allegedly to be used to fight Russia, was cash that Ukraine DID NOT use to fight Russia, but instead invested into FTX!

And, as you might guess from the Bankruptcy filing . . . . it now seems that all the money . . . is gone.

Yes, you read that correctly: Instead of using US Military Aid to fight Russia, Ukraine “invested” part or all of it, into FTX, and right now, it looks like all the money is gone. . .

Also at this early hour, it now also appears that the Chief of FTX, Sam Bankman-Fried, was the #2 donor to the Democrats. He was only outspent by Soros himself!

(Read more from “Ukraine “Military Aid” From USA — Was Invested in Crypto “FTX” by Kiev!” HERE)

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162 Scientist and Researchers From Top US Nuclear Facilities Have Been Working for Communist China

While Biden was meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Indonesia incoherently stating we are not adversaries, there is no need for a Cold War, but that the US and Communist China are friendly competitors. Yet the US and Communist China are definitely in a Cold War, and the population of Communist China have been conditioned by the Communist Party to expect a coming war. Yet the Biden/Obama administration is turning a blind eye to the continued threats to Taiwan by Communist China, and refuses to deliver $15 billion in a backlog of military weapons Taiwan paid for in advance, but the Biden/Obama administration refuses to deliver to them.

Over the last 35 years, 162 researchers and scientist have been working in US facilities involved in nuclear research, and have been spying for Communist China. Those spies have been making considerable contributions to the Communist Chinese military in the development of hypersonic missiles, nuclear weapons, and nuclear submarine programs. Over the years, those Communist Chinese spies have been presenting an array of security risks for the United States, US allies, and the entire free world.

Over the years, Chinese Communist spies have been associated with or working in every Scientific National Laboratory, including DOD facilities, Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), universities doing research for DOD, and scientists with Top Secret clearances at DOE. There are staff members of elected Socialist Democrats in Congress, in major national utilities that have nuclear power reactors, in telecommunications companies, in financial institutions, the IRS, etc. Chinese Communist researchers and post-doctoral students are inserted into many nuclear and military research programs and are paid by US taxpayer dollars—an insane program.

Senator Diane Feinstein’s Chinese driver for 20-years is just one example of spies working for elected Socialist Democrats in Congress. The Communist Chinese spies are working in companies designing nuclear power plants or in the supply chain for US nuclear submarines, in companies developing military missiles, in aerospace companies developing military aircraft, and in companies developing advanced electronics. Much of their research has directly advanced Communist Chinese military technology, which seriously threatens the US national security.

The Biden/Obama administration’s National Security Council and the leadership of the FBI have not been providing the protection, the security, or the leadership to close down the massive aggressive spying ongoing in the US by Communist China. Protection is needed for the US institutions, US research programs, and for scientists advancing innovation in this era of weapons development and strategic military competition. The below listed article provides details of the spying by Communist China while the Biden/Obama administration looks the other way.


Copyright by Capt Joseph R. John. All Rights Reserved. The material can only be posted on another Web site or distributed on the Internet by giving full credit to the author. It may not be published, broadcast, or rewritten without the permission from the author.

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Gas Crisis Wipes $100 Billion off German Economy

The ongoing gas crisis has resulted in the German economy losing over $100 billion, a report from a major economics institute has claimed.

A paper published by the Ifo Institute for Economic Research, one of Germany’s largest financial think tanks, has claimed that the country has ultimately lost over $100 billion as a result of the ongoing energy crisis.

Coming about as a result of Germany becoming overreliant on Russian gas while pushing its green agenda, many within the general public are now experiencing serious financial hardship, even cutting down on Christmas celebrations just to scrape by.

According to the research published by the Ifo Institute on Tuesday, this year’s losses as a result of the gas crisis will amount to just under 2 per cent of the total economic output of Germany, or around €64 billion (~$64 billion). (Read more from “Gas Crisis Wipes $100 Billion off German Economy” HERE)

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Pentagon Lays Out Expectations for Winter Months in Ukraine

A top Department of Defense official warned that the changing season has already affected the war in Ukraine and will continue to do so as winter comes.

Dr. Colin H. Kahl, the undersecretary of defense for policy, predicted Tuesday that the fighting, which has already been altered by the increasingly colder conditions, will continue, “even if the intensity of the fighting goes down.”

“You’re already seeing the sloppy weather in Ukraine slow things down a little bit,” he said during a Project for Media and National Security event. “It’s getting really muddy, which makes it hard to do large-scale offensives. I think that that challenge is going to get worse in the coming weeks. So we’ll have to see whether the fighting slows down as a consequence of that.”

Both sides will likely continue to exchange artillery fire as “the fighting is not going to stop,” even if the fighting’s intensity decreases. For the troops on the front line, the winter months will be a chance to get resupplied and bring in reinforcements. (Read more from “Pentagon Lays Out Expectations for Winter Months in Ukraine” HERE)

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Guam Elects First Republican to Congress Since 1993

Guam elected James Moylan as a non-voting delegate to the U.S. House of Representatives, the first Republican since 1993.

The Pacific Daily News, a local outlet in Guam, reported the results of the race based on partial and unofficial results from the Guam Election Commission around 4:00 a.m. local time.

Moylan defeated former Democrat Speaker Judi Won Pat in the delegates race to represent Gaum as a non-voting member of the U.S. House. At the time of the race being called by the local outlet, Moylan led by 1,648 votes: 17,075 (52.19 percent) votes to 15,427 votes (47.15 percent).

The Republican will fill the seat currently held by incumbent Del. Michael San Nicolas.

Moylan will be the second Republican elected to represent Guam and the first Republican sent to Congress since 1993 after former Del. Vicente T. Blaz lost his reelection bid. (Read more from “Guam Elects First Republican to Congress Since 1993” HERE)

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There Is Only One Way the Ukraine War Can End; Putin Issues Ominous Warning About Major Attack on Key Ukrainian City

By Daniel Davis. How the Ukraine War Will End: In the heady days of September and October, the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) won remarkable military victories over the Russian invaders, recapturing thousands of square miles of territory. Many in the West interpreted those successes as “irreversible” proof Kyiv was on its way to victory, and thus there was no need to consider a negotiated settlement with Moscow. The stark, cold realities of modern warfare, however, reveal that to the contrary, there is no end to the war in sight, and the most likely case remains – however unpopular in the Western world – a negotiated settlement.

The only question that remains: how many more Ukrainians must die before this harsh reality is grasped by the leaders of both warring parties?

There are a great many in the United States and the Western world that genuinely does believe Kyiv can win its war with Moscow and eventually drive all of Putin’s forces back to Russia. Last week Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky reiterated his longstanding boast that his forces would “definitely liberate Crimea.” Former four-star U.S. general Ben Hodges predicted that by the end of this year, the UAF would “push Russian troops back to positions” they held prior to the start of the war and “by the middle of next year Ukrainians will be in Crimea.” . . .

I wrote last Spring that the combat fundamentals of war favored Russia over Ukraine, despite the fact they had recently been driven out of Kyiv and Kharkiv. Nothing in the intervening months have altered the strategic balance. Most wars throughout history swing back and forth, with each side winning some battles, rarely producing a steady trend towards a conclusive outcome.

The ultimate winners, however, are almost always determined by which side has the most fundamentals in its favor. Moreover, success in war usually turns on factors outside of the battlefield. A 2008 U.S. Army War College report notes that “war is a political act,” implying that “tactical or operational victory without favorable political outcomes is sterile.” (Read more from “There Is Only 1 Way the Ukraine War Can End” HERE)


Putin Issues Ominous Warning About Major Attack on Key Ukrainian City

By Newsweek. Russian President Vladimir Putin said Friday that civilians in Kherson must be “removed” from the city as a battle for it could be coming soon.

“Now, of course, those who live in Kherson must be removed from the zone of the most dangerous actions,” the Russian leader said, adding that citizens “must not suffer” from attacks in the city, according to The Moscow Times.

Putin’s comments come as Russian troops have reportedly abandoned checkpoints in the occupied Ukrainian region of Kherson in recent days. In addition, Russian flags have been removed from the administration building in Kherson, as well as a city council building, according to reports.

However, the Ukrainian military has said that Russia’s withdrawal from the area could be a tactic to catch them off guard. (Read more from “Putin Issues Ominous Warning About Major Attack on Key Ukrainian City” HERE)

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U.S., Netherlands to Give Ukraine Refurbished Soviet-Era Tanks

The U.S. is teaming up with the Netherlands to upgrade 90 Soviet-era tanks that will be shipped to Ukraine with new armor, optics and communications gear. Dutch defense officials told reporters some of the tanks could arrive in the country as early as next month.

U.S. officials confirmed the deal for the Czech T-72 tanks Friday at the Pentagon. It’s part of a new $400 million security assistance package for Ukraine under the Ukraine Security Assistance initiative. Unlike the Presidential Drawdown Authority (PDA) program, which draws military supplies from U.S. stocks, the USAI works with the defense industry to provide the firepower. (Read more from “U.S., Netherlands to Give Ukraine Refurbished Soviet-Era Tanks” HERE)

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Former Japanese Navy Commander Calls on Canada and West to Prepare for Chinese Invasion of Taiwan

China is likely to invade Taiwan within five years unless Canada and other Western allies band together to send tough economic and military warnings to Beijing, says the former naval commander of Japan’s Maritime Self Defence Force.

Retired vice-admiral Toshiyuki Ito told The Globe and Mail that he believes President Xi Jinping is determined to gain control of self-governing Taiwan, and he will use the full might of China’s military to do so.

“Within five years, he will do something. He will use force,” Mr. Ito said in an interview Wednesday that was arranged by the Japanese embassy in Ottawa.

He said the democratic world needs to prepare for a Chinese invasion and to use the threat of economic sanctions and military readiness to ward off Beijing, saying he doesn’t want to see Taiwan turn into another Hong Kong. In 2020, China imposed a national-security law on Hong Kong that has effectively criminalized dissent or free speech.

Mr. Ito said he would like to see the Royal Canadian Navy continue military exercises in the Indo-Pacific region and even join an informal four-country defense and security alliance involving the U.S., Japan, Australia and India. (Read more from “Former Japanese Navy Commander Calls on Canada and West to Prepare for Chinese Invasion of Taiwan” HERE)

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Austin, South Korean Defense Chief Issue Stark Warning After Fresh North Korean Missile Barrage

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and his South Korean counterpart vowed Thursday that any nuclear attack from North Korea against the United States or South Korea would mean the end of the Kim Jong-un regime. The statement came hours after Pyongyang launched a fresh missile barrage that included a test of an intercontinental ballistic missile that has sent tensions soaring across the region.

Minister of National Defense Lee Jong-sup was in Washington on Thursday for previously scheduled high-level talks. Topping the agenda was the record number of launches by Pyongyang this week, including nearly two dozen missiles on Wednesday alone, the most in a single day. The North has said its latest display — which some see as a prelude to a nuclear weapons test — is in protest of U.S.-South Korean military exercises that it considers a threat to its security.

Pak Jong-chon, secretary of the Central Committee of North Korea’s ruling Workers’ Party, said in a statement that it was Washington and Seoul that were “shoving” the situation out of control with the decision to extend substantial military drills that kicked off Monday.

“The United States and South Korea will find that they have made a terrible mistake that cannot be reversed,” Mr. Pak said.

The joint U.S.-South Korean statement is “a strong warning” to North Korea, Mr. Lee told reporters during a joint press conference at the Pentagon. The two allies announced that the training exercises would not only continue but be extended beyond their scheduled closing date. (Read more from “Austin, South Korean Defense Chief Issue Stark Warning After Fresh North Korean Missile Barrage” HERE)

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