Teacher Tells Students: Mike Pence Should Be ‘Shot in the Head’

A North Carolina high school teacher allegedly told students that Vice President Mike Pence should be “shot in the head” — and the teacher is now under investigation.

The teacher — who works at Cuthbertson High School in Waxhaw — allegedly made the comment the same week Pence was in the area to campaign for Republican Dan Bishop, WJZY-TV reported. Bishop, a state senator, won a special election Tuesday for North Carolina’s congressional seat.

The Union County Sheriff’s Office told WJZY it passed the information along to the Secret Service to investigate. The station referred to the teacher in question as a female but said it wasn’t naming the teacher. . .

Union County GOP Chair Allison Powers told WJZY she believes “teachers need to be a lot more careful about what they say to impressionable young children” and “you should not be bringing in those type of viewpoints to your job.” . . .

The school district gave the following statement to WSOC-TV in regard to the matter: “Union County Public Schools is aware of the allegation of inappropriate comments made by a Cuthbertson High School teacher. District administrators are taking this allegation seriously and an investigation is being conducted. This is a personnel matter and information related to this alleged incident is protected by state law.” (Read more from “Teacher Tells Students: Mike Pence Should Be ‘Shot in the Head'” HERE)

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Duke University’s Student Government Rejects Young Life Over LGBTQ Policies

Duke University’s student government has denied the Christian organization Young Life official status as a student group on campus, citing its policy on sexuality. . .

Young Life, like many evangelical groups, regards same-sex relations as sinful. Its policy forbids LGBTQ staff and volunteers from holding positions in the organization.

The student newspaper the Duke Chronicle reported Thursday that the student government senate unanimously turned down official recognition for the Young Life chapter, because it appeared to violate a guideline that every Duke student group include a nondiscrimination statement in its constitution.

Young Life, which is based in Colorado Springs, is a 78-year-old organization with a mission to introduce adolescents to Christianity and help them grow in their faith. It has chapters in middle schools, high schools and colleges in all 50 states and more than 90 countries around the world. . .

The Young Life policy states: “We do not in any way wish to exclude persons who engage in sexual misconduct or who practice a homosexual lifestyle from being recipients of ministry of God’s grace and mercy as expressed in Jesus Christ. We do, however, believe that such persons are not to serve as staff or volunteers in the mission and work of Young Life.” (Read more from “Duke University’s Student Government Rejects Young Life Over LGBTQ Policies” HERE)

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Department of Education Report: Chicago Public Schools ‘Inexcusably Failed’ to Protect Children From Sexual Assault

A report released Thursday by the United States Department of Education excoriated the Chicago Public School system for failing to protect children from sexual abuse over the course of many years. The department also ordered Chicago Public Schools to implement a new plan to address those allegations in a document that read like a well-deserved public flogging.

The report complained that investigators found evidence of “widespread” failure to properly investigate reports of sexual abuse lodged by children and employees.

Local media in Chicago have chronicled the troubling extent of sexual assault in Chicago Public Schools for years, as well as the failure of school district authorities to properly respond to those complaints. Federal authorities began to investigate those complaints under Title IX in 2015 when it received two separate complaints that the district was not properly investigating complaints levied against teachers and against students for sexual assault.

As part of the investigation, the Department of Education evaluated the school district’s response to 2,800 complaints of student-on-student sexual assault, and 280 complaints of adult-on-student sexual assault. In announcing the findings of the investigation, Assistant Secretary of Education for Civil Rights Kenneth Marcus said, among other things, that Chicago Public Schools’ response to those complaints was “inadequate, unreliable and often conducted by untrained staff,” and that Chicago’s overall response to those complaints was “tragic and inexcusable.” . . .

Chicago’s Democratic Mayor Lori Lightfoot, however, seemed to suggest that the report was some sort of political stunt orchestrated by the Trump administration, telling WBBM-TV that she believed the Trump administration enjoyed “teeing off” against the city of Chicago, and further stating, “I take some of those comments with a grain of salt considering the source.” She did not mention that the investigation was begun and partially conducted during the Obama administration. (Read more from “Department of Education Report: Chicago Public Schools ‘Inexcusably Failed’ to Protect Children From Sexual Assault” HERE)

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New York Times Release New Assault Accusations Against Brett Kavanaugh

The New York Times on Saturday published an opinion piece from reporters Robin Pogrebin and Kate Kelly, who claim to have details about a new accuser and sexual assault allegation against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. The piece was an excerpt from their upcoming book, “The Education of Brett Kavanaugh: An Investigation.”

We also uncovered a previously unreported story about Mr. Kavanaugh in his freshman year that echoes Ms. [Deborah] Ramirez’s allegation. A classmate, Max Stier, saw Mr. Kavanaugh with his pants down at a different drunken dorm party, where friends pushed his penis into the hand of a female student. Mr. Stier, who runs a nonprofit organization in Washington, notified senators and the F.B.I. about this account, but the F.B.I. did not investigate and Mr. Stier has declined to discuss it publicly. (We corroborated the story with two officials who have communicated with Mr. Stier.)

According to the Huffington Post, Pogrebin and Kelly “looked into both Ramirez’s and Ford’s claims for their upcoming book, which takes a deeper look into Kavanaugh’s prep school and Ivy League days in an attempt to piece together who he is.” . . .

Deborah Ramirez’s allegations against Kavanaugh came out during his confirmation process last fall. She claimed he exposed himself during a party in a dorm room in 1983 but was reluctant to come forward because she had been drinking and her memory was foggy. (Read more from “New York Times Release New Assault Accusations Against Brett Kavanaugh” HERE)

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Disgusting: Activist Throws Menstrual Blood on Lawmakers Amid Protest Over State’s New Vaccination Laws

The California state Senate was evacuated on Friday, after a protestor in the chamber threw a red liquid — reportedly menstrual blood — onto several lawmakers. The identity of the alleged perpetrator has not been released, but the incident occurred while hundreds of protestors descended on Sacramento to demonstrate against new laws cracking down on vaccine exemptions.

Protestors were reportedly watching the Senate from the upstairs balcony when a woman threw the liquid while yelling at lawmakers. Sen. Scott Weiner (D) wrote on Twitter, “A few minutes ago, the anti-vaxxer stalkers — who’ve engaged in harassment campaign all week — dropped a red substance onto the Senate floor from the elevated public gallery, dousing several of my colleagues. The person who committed this assault screamed it was baby blood.”

Weiner added, “These anti-vaxxers are engaging in criminal behavior. They’ve now repeatedly assaulted Senators & are engaging in harassing & intimidating behavior every single day, as we try to do the people’s work. They’re a cancer on the body politic & are attacking democracy.”

The Sacramento Bee quoted Sen. Steve Glazer (D) as tweeting out, “Senators Galgiani, Hurtado, Skinner, Mitchell, Rubio and me were all hit by red liquid thrown from the Senate gallery. I’m told the person has been arrested. Senate in recess.”

The Senate chambers were evacuated to allow law enforcement to investigate. The California Highway Patrol told Politico the substance was menstrual blood, which was what the activist claimed. The suspect was arrested. (Read more from “Disgusting: Activist Throws Menstrual Blood on Lawmakers Amid Protest Over State’s New Vaccination Laws” HERE)

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Family of Late Abortion Doctor Make a Gruesome Discovery at His Home — Police Are Investigating

By The Blaze. Police are investigating a gruesome discovery among the personal items of a controversial abortion doctor that passed away on September 3.

A lawyer for his family contacted the authorities after they discovered fetal remains on the property of Ulrich George Klopfer. . .

The doctor performed abortions at a clinic in Gary, Indiana, as well as in South Bend, Indiana. His home was in Will County, Illinois. . .

Here’s a report from 2014 on Klopfer:

(Read more from “Family of Late Abortion Doctor Make a Gruesome Discovery at His Home — Police Are Investigating” HERE)


Horror: 2,246 Unborn Children Found in Abortionist’s Home

By Breitbart. Thousands of unborn children were found in the home of Dr. Ulrich Klopfer, an abortionist who passed away earlier this month. In 2015, the abortionist’s medical license was suspended after he allegedly failed to report an abortion performed on a 13-year-old girl.

The remains of 2,246 unborn children have been found inside the Will County, Illinois home of a now-deceased abortionist, Dr. Ulrich Klopfer, who passed away on September 3, according to a report by WGN-TV.

Klopfer reportedly used to practice abortions at the Women’s Pavilion in South Bend, Indiana, but had his medical license suspended in 2015 after allegedly failing to report an abortion preformed on a 13-year-old child. . .

According to the Will County Sheriff’s Office, the attorney contacted authorities on Thursday, who arrived at the property, where they found the remains of 2,246 medically preserved unborn children inside Klopfer’s home. (Read more from “Horror: 2,246 Unborn Children Found in Abortionist’s Home” HERE)

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Angel Mom’s Facebook Posts on Illegal Immigration Removed for ‘Hate Speech’

Angel Mom Mary Ann Mendoza, who heads the Angel Families organization, has had her posts raising awareness about illegal immigrant crime removed from Facebook as “hate speech.” . . .

This week, Mendoza had two of her Facebook posts from her personal page removed, with the tech platform claiming that she had violated the “Community Standards on hate speech.”

The posts raised awareness about illegal immigrant crime and its impact on Americans. One post simply directly quoted from a Breitbart News article about the suffering Angel Families have had to endure after losing loved ones to illegal immigration. . .

Likewise, Mendoza said Facebook temporarily blocked her from posting to the nonprofit Angel Families organization’s page, a group that helps provide support for the family and friends of Americans and legal immigrants killed and murdered by illegal aliens.

Facebook permanently removed the donation button from the Angel Families Facebook page, according to Mendoza, which would allow Facebook users to donate to the nonprofit through the platform. Mendoza told Breitbart News that Facebook justified the removal of the donation button by saying she had “violated their community guidelines more than once.” (Read more from “Angel Mom’s Facebook Posts on Illegal Immigration Removed for ‘Hate Speech’” HERE)

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Woman with Dementia Euthanized Against Her Will and the Doctor Isn’t Getting in Trouble

Three years ago, a 74-year-old Dutch woman with dementia was euthanized by a doctor who drugged the patient’s coffee without her knowledge and then had family members physically restrain her for the final lethal injection.

The doctor, who has not been publicly named, was cleared of all wrongdoing by a court in the Netherlands on Wednesday, “clarifying” the country’s euthanasia law enacted in 2002 in relation to patients with “severe dementia,” according to MedicalXPress.

Patients with dementia can now be killed by their doctors even if they strongly object to euthanasia at the time, so long as they have previously given consent for the fatal procedure. In other words, if a patient were to change their mind about the assisted suicide, a doctor could still legally kill them against their will. “The court ruled that in rare cases of euthanasia that were being performed on patients with severe dementia — and who had earlier made a written request for euthanasia — the doctor ‘did not have to verify the current desire to die,'” MedicalXPress reported.

And in the case of this specific Dutch woman with dementia, she never once gave an express request to be euthanized. In her will, which was renewed about a year before her death, the woman said she would like to be euthanized “whenever I think the time is right.” And when she was asked if she wanted to be euthanized, she reiterated multiple times that her suffering was not bad enough to where she wanted to be killed:

“The 74-year-old woman had renewed her living will about a year before she died, writing that she wanted to be euthanized ‘whenever I think the time is right.’ Later, the patient said several times in response to being asked if she wanted to die: ‘But not just now, it’s not so bad yet!’ according to a report from the Dutch regional euthanasia review committee.”

(Read more from “Woman with Dementia Euthanized Against Her Will and the Doctor Isn’t Getting in Trouble” HERE)

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Planned Parenthood Makes Major Admission About Body Part Harvesting

During the preliminary hearing this week in the criminal case against undercover journalists David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt, a “semi-retired” Planned Parenthood executive admitted that the abortion business had no ban on altering abortion procedures in order to better harvest baby body parts that would later be sold, allegedly for a profit.

According to reporting from Lianne Laurence at LifeSiteNews, “Doe 10,” the former medical director at Planned Parenthood Los Angeles until 2013, “admitted under questioning Wednesday by Peter Breen of the Thomas More Society and lawyer for Daleiden, that the Planned Parenthood affiliates she worked in had no rule against changing the abortion procedure ‘technique’ in order to obtain better baby body parts.”

As noted by Laurence, “federal consent rules stipulate a doctor cannot change the method of a medical procedure without a patient’s consent.”

“‘Doe 10’ testified that Planned Parenthood abortionists ‘would never change the method’ but admitted Planned Parenthood began making the distinction between ‘technique’ and ‘method’ after the [Center for Medical Progress] undercover videos were released,” the report noted.

“We had to grapple with fallout from videos,” the abortion executive, who is not allowed to be named, admitted to the court. “We had to be more specific.” (Read more from “Planned Parenthood Makes Major Admission About Body Part Harvesting” HERE)

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Another State to Legalize Assisted Suicide

Starting next week, physician-assisted suicide will be legal in Maine. . .

Thursday night, the Maine CDC asked for input from doctors and other stake holders in end of life care.

Specifically, the agency wants to know what data they should collect from doctors.

“I always enjoy hearing from my fellow physicians, people who are in the hospice who are concerned about this and in the terminal phase of their life and what their feelings about the law are,” Rep. Patty Hymanson said. (Read more from “Another State to Legalize Assisted Suicide” HERE)

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