Whistleblower: My Terrorist Tracking Could Have Stopped Massacre But Deranged DHS Political Correctness Shut Me Down

Photo Credit: DonkeyHoteyPhilip Haney, one of the founding members of the original Department of Homeland Security, told Megyn Kelly last night that the terror attacks in San Bernardino could have been prevented had the federal government not shut down his tracking of Muslim radicals three years ago (see interview, “Whistleblower Says His Program Would Have Stopped Massacre,” with Megyn Kelly below).

Mr. Haney contended that the Obama Administration dismantled his surveillance because it felt he was profiling Muslims. But Mr. Haney claimed that he was instead investigating individual’s ties to Islamic radicals both in and out of the United States. He also was actively tracking people traveling to and from Islamic countries.

In a bombshell disclosure, Mr. Haney revealed that he was actively investigating an organization with ties to the mosque that shooter Syed Farook attended when the feds shut him down.

Mr. Haney notified Congress and the DHS Inspector General about how his effective program was being terminated and research deleted, but DHS quickly retaliated, pulling his duties and yanking his security clearance.

Mr. Haney contends that his program very well could have prevented the San Bernardino massacre.

Listen to the interview, “Whistleblower Says His Program Would Have Stopped Massacre,” with Megyn Kelly:

DNC Deep in Debt as RNC Builds up $20 Million War Chest

The Republican National Committee keeps building its cash advantage over its Democratic rivals, strengthening the party’s position going into the election year – with the latest monthly reports showing the DNC with a major debt, while the RNC has accrued a $20M war chest.

The Republicans announced last week that they had raised $8.7 million in October, which they say broke a record for presidential off-year fundraising record.

“With just under a year until Election Day 2016 we’re seeing great enthusiasm for the GOP,” RNC Chairman Reince Priebus said in a press release.

Figures show the Republicans now have over $20 million cash on hand, with only $1.8 million in debts owed. The RNC has raised a total of $89.3 million to date in the current election cycle.

The figures stand in stark contrast to the DNC, that has only $4.7 million cash in hand, with $6.9 million in debts owed, putting the DNC in the red, according to FEC figures. According to the Center for Responsive Politics, the Democrats have so far raised $53.2 million this election cycle, significantly less than their Republican counterparts. (Read more from “DNC Deep in Debt as RNC Builds up $20 Million War Chest” HERE)

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UnitedHealth CEO: Obamacare Losses Worsening, Not Sustainable Past 2016

The chief executive officer of the largest U.S. health insurance company on Thursday told investors that the company’s losses from Obamacare were worsening, showed no signs of improvement, and would be unsustainable beyond 2016.

UnitedHealth Group CEO Stephen J. Hemsley made the comments in a conference call after the insurer warned investors about $425 million in losses primarily due to its participation in Obamacare, even though the company previously expected that the exchanges would have a neutral effect on profits. He even expressed some regret about participating in the program in the first place.

Asked whether the company would be willing to tolerate losses beyond 2016, Hemsley was emphatic: “No. We cannot sustain these losses. We can’t really subsidize a marketplace that doesn’t appear at the moment to be sustaining itself.”

The news from UnitedHealth comes at a fragile time for Obamacare, as enrollment stalls in its third year and insurers have been forced to cut premiums and access to providers. Republican presidential candidates have continued to call for the repeal of the law heading into the presidential election year, and the Senate is gearing up to pass a partial repeal by the end of this year.

“In our view, in recent weeks, market performance expectations for exchange products have further declined,” Hemlsey said, pointing toward a combination of weak enrollment trends in the healthcare exchanges and more costs associated with covering disproportionately sicker enrollees. (Read more from “UnitedHealth CEO: Obamacare Losses Worsening, Not Sustainable Past 2016” HERE)

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Hillary Nightmare: Gennifer’s Back!

For the first time since Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy for president, Bill Clinton’s notorious mistress for 12 years, Gennifer Flowers, is now speaking out, calling Hillary’s bid to run in part on women’s issues “a joke.”

In the wide-ranging interview on the popular Sunday night program “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio,” Flowers further accused Hillary of being “an enabler that has encouraged him (Bill) to go out and do whatever he does with women.”

“She always got things on the back of her husband. … I think it’s a joke that she would run on women’s issues” . . .

Flowers used the interview to drop a few new bombshells, including revealing for the first time she has something incriminating on Bill Clinton locked in a safety deposit box; mysterious contents she said the Clintons know she possesses and that she has used to ensure her “safety.”

Flowers said she believes the issue of Bill Clinton’s former lovers is a legitimate discussion that should return for Hillary’s 2016 campaign. (Read more from “Hillary Nightmare: Gennifer’s Back!” HERE)

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Overwhelming Numbers: Republicans Are Not Just Looking For a New Speaker, They’re Looking for a New Party

Love him or hate him, John Boehner was by no means the dominant force of nature in American politics. The growing tidal wave of disapproval from GOP voters had nothing to do with Boehner as a person; it had everything to do with what he represents. Republican voters are not just looking for a new Speaker, they are looking for a new party. They are looking for a viable alternative to the Democrats. It’s time for elected Republicans to heed that lesson and forge an entirely new path.

Back in May 2014, when Dave Brat shocked the political world by resoundingly defeating sitting Majority Leader Eric Cantor, the GOP empire moved with swift agility and within 24 hours had blithely rallied around the “next in line.” There was no period of introspection or regard for what had just occurred. They pompously anointed Kevin McCarthy, the poor man’s Eric Cantor, as the next majority leader.

Now the House conference has a second chance to right the ship. It’s time for their colleagues across the Capitol in the Senate to heed the same lesson as well. According to a recent NBC/WSJ poll, 72% of Republican voters were dissatisfied with both Boehner and McConnell’s ability to achieve their party’s goals. A Fox News poll shows that 62% feel betrayed by their party. McConnell and Boehner are not dominant medial or cultural personalities like Newt Gingrich, Nancy Pelosi, or Hillary Clinton, yet their own party’s voters want them out. It was never about Boehner; it was about what he lacked. And what he lacked is the same thing McConnell and Kevin McCarthy lack—a desire to fight for issues concerning conservatives.

In many respects Mitch McConnell has been worse than Boehner this year. He has used control of the Senate to sabotage conservatives on every major battle, block conservative amendments, and undermine our leverage in an even more pernicious fashion than Harry Reid did during the last session.

As it relates to McCarthy, now is his time to shine. He is majority leader and Boehner is a lame duck. If he cannot stand up on the Sunday talk shows with his iPad in hand and play the Planned Parenthood videos and speak with moral conviction about why the president should not shut down the government in order to fund barbarism, he is unfit to replace Boehner.

Conservatives lack the votes to affirmatively push for the nomination of any particular candidate for Speaker, but they have enough votes to veto any choice. Even if a majority of the conference nominates a bad candidate in the private party conference, a group of about 30 members can always veto the decision on the floor because a Speaker must receive a majority from all those present and voting in the House body.

Nobody is going to get everything they want in a party leader and everyone is going to have to compromise, but the establishment is greatly mistaken if they seek to simply anoint a leader rather than allow all the candidates to air out their ideas over the next few weeks. This is not about personalities; it’s about laying out a vision for confronting Obama over the next 15 months and laying the groundwork for a conservative in the White House.

To that end, here are three overarching concessions conservatives must secure from any candidate for Speaker.

1. Restore Deterrent of the Power of Purse: At present, the biggest problem with leadership is that they have conveyed the message to Democrats that there is nothing they will ever fight for in the budget process that would possibly risk a shutdown. That must change. As we’ve noted before, Republicans will have to eventually use budget brinkmanship to get things done even if they win back the White House. The next Speaker has to be willing to draw a line in the sand on fundamental and easy-to-message issues and be willing to publicly fight for them and let the Democrats know there’s a new sheriff in town.

2. Focus on Meaningful Ideas: Aside from the obdurate refusal to block Obama’s agenda with the purse strings, the current leaders have no positive message of their own on meaningful issues. Most of the House schedule is wasted on naming buildings, trivial suspension bills, or downright liberal priorities. As we’ve observed before, there are numerous consequential issues that work in our favor and should be brought to the floor to draw a sharp contrast with Democrats. Drawing that contrast and highlighting liberal extremism should be a priority for the next Speaker.

3. Returning Power to the Committees: The House has been run like a plantation straight out of John Boehner’s office. The committee process has become irrelevant and even the good legislation that passes out of committee, such as the Davis-Oliver immigration enforcement bill, has never made it to the floor. The next Speaker must allow the committees to do their work and conduct votes on conservative legislation that is able to pass the committee process. They must also follow through on their promise to allow an open amendment process on the House floor.

If Republican members think that by merely shunting the current failed leaders to the next level on the totem pole they will assuage the concerns of voters, they are mistaken. Voters are looking for a clean slate. The longer the Republicans carry on with their tone deaf actions the more severely they will suffer repercussions in the long run.

(This article on the grassroots looking for a new party first appeared HERE)

Seven Ways Pope Francis Slapped Conservatives in the United States

Allowing President Obama to Represent Himself as An Advocate of Religious Liberty. On Wednesday, while speaking at the White House, President Obama said, “Here in the United States, we cherish religious liberty….[The United States] stand[s] with you in defense of religious freedom and interfaith dialogue, knowing that people everywhere must be able to live out their faith free from fear and intimidation.” Meanwhile, President Obama’s IRS cracks down on religious charities and his Obamacare regime targets religious institutions; his administration looks into persecuting religious Americans for failing to participate in same-sex weddings. A well-timed comment from the Pope could have been useful here. Instead, he stood by and said nothing. Instead, he went to visit the Little Sisters of the Poor – and the media ignored it. The Pope knows full well when the cameras are on him. They were on him with Obama. They weren’t during his side jaunt to visit those victimized by the President.

Ripping Capitalism Before Congress. Speaking before Congress, the Pope spent an inordinate amount of time lecturing legislators on the need to redistribute wealth in the name of the poor. He praised Dorothy Day, a Catholic organizer who once wrote, “We need to overthrow, not the government, as the authorities are always accusing the Communists ‘of conspiring to teach [us] to do,’ but this rotten, decadent, putrid industrial capitalist system which breeds such suffering in the whited sepulcher of New York.” Senator Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT)16% (Socialist-VT) was ecstatic. . .

Pushing Environmental Extremism. The Pope spent a significant amount of time before Congress talking about climate change and encouraging Congress to restrict American economic growth to fight that chimera. But at the United Nations, he really let loose, suggesting that the environment has “rights” – an argument unfamiliar to many readers of the Bible. People may have obligations toward the environment, but the environment has no freestanding “rights” from humanity; God does not weep when a tree is used for lumber to house a poor family. This logic leads to the Malthusian anti-humanism of the deep green left. . .

Ignoring Abortion, Talking Death Penalty. The Pope said nothing about abortion before President Obama. Then, while speaking before Democrats in Congress who support federal funding for abortion machine Planned Parenthood, he said that all human life must be treated with respect – and proceeded to glide right over the abortion issue entirely, settling on the death penalty instead. As I noted yesterday, 35 murderers were executed in 2014 in the United States. One million unborn children were killed. Some say the Pope didn’t have to get explicit about abortion. Just why in the hell wouldn’t he? He did mention the unborn at the United Nations with one word. Should we celebrate such courage?

At 10:10 in the below video, John Zmirak talks about the Pope:

Ignoring Same-Sex Marriage. The Pope encouraged marriage in his speech before Congress, and talked vaguely of the value of family. He complained of threats to the family. But he said nothing about what those threats were – with the very Supreme Court that declared itself above God in terms of defining marriage sitting in front of him.

(Read more from “Seven Ways Pope Francis Slapped Conservatives in the United States” HERE)

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Transgender Madness: Anchorage Schools Allowing Boys to Use Girls’ Bathrooms, Locker Rooms

Transgender TroopIn yet another indicator that Alaska is not immune from the insanity that has gripped much of the rest of the nation, the Anchorage school district is implementing a directive from its “Compliance/Equal Employment Opportunity Office” mandating that boys (or girls) who prefer to use the restrooms or locker rooms of the opposite sex be allowed to do so.

Announced in the Compliance/Equal Employment Opportunity Office’s “Administrative Guidelines: Working with Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Students and Employees,” dated July 20, 2015, the Anchorage school district is now accommodating any child who wants to share a bathroom or locker room with an opposite-sexed student.

This policy appears to be compulsory. In fact, the “guidelines” state that “staff should not require a transgender or gender nonconforming student/employee to use a separate, nonintegrated space unless requested by the individual student/employee.” This mandate is underlined. In other words, even if a little girl, or her parents, objects to a boy using shared shower space with that girl, those objections are ignored and the preferences of the child with the sexual disorder/perversion are honored.

Effectively, the Anchorage school district is saying, “To Hell with the privacy rights of a child of the opposite sex who wishes to avoid being ogled by her perverted classmate.”

Incredibly, the Equal Opportunity Office also provides that:

Any transgender or gender nonconforming student/employee who is uncomfortable using a shared restroom or locker room regardless of the reason; shall, upon request, be provided with a safe and non-stigmatizing alternative. This may include, for example, addition of a privacy partition or curtain, use of a nearby private restroom or office, or a separate changing schedule.

There is much more to Anchorage’s new “Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Students” policy than this, including eliminating compulsory “sex-segregated facilities.”

This transgender madness will only end if concerned citizens like you engage and speak boldly, unapologetically, and publicly about why such policies are detrimental to our community. If your efforts fail and the schools ignore you, yank your children out of their system and place them in alternative schooling, such as private or home schools.

‘Israel Must Be Obliterated’: New Iranian Video “Shows” Muslim Invasion of Jerusalem

Iran-Animation-Jerusalem-2-620x346A new video out of Iran presents the imagined scenario of Jerusalem being conquered by a military alliance of the country’s Revolutionary Guard forces and Hezbollah and Hamas terrorists, a Jewish news site reported Tuesday.

Quoting the Middle East terrorism research organization the Investigative Project, the Algemeiner reported that the video was released two weeks after the Iran nuclear deal was announced.

The video showed the fighters preparing for battle with their gear, headbands, shoes and weapons, then descending on Jerusalem.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has repeatedly pointed to Iran’s continued sponsorship of international terrorist groups including Hezbollah and to its dedication to destroying Israel as two reasons he believes the deal is dangerous for Israel.

The Algemeiner detailed the lineup of fighters portrayed in the video which, according to the Investigative Project, was produced by the Islamic Revolution Design House: “One dons the IRGC [Revolutionary Guards] insignia on his left arm, another the emblem of the Iran-backed Iraqi Shia Badr Organization. Yet a third dons a headband bearing the Lebanese Hezbollah logo, and a fourth is seen clad in Hamas’ characteristic balaclava and the Qassam Brigades green headband.” (Read more from “‘Israel Must Be Obliterated’: New Iranian Video “Shows” Muslim Invasion of Jerusalem” HERE)

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Here are the Companies Donating to Planned Parenthood

planned-parenthood-dixon-ca3Here are the companies that are donating millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood. Please write them stating that you will not buy their products or services until they stop their funding of this barbaric organization. For your convenience, we have prepared a form letter HERE. And if you need more information on why Planned Parenthood must be shut down, please click HERE.


Adobe Systems Incorporated
345 Park Avenue
San Jose, CA 95110-2704
408-537-6000 (fax)

American Express
4315 S 2700 W
Salt Lake City, UT 84184-0440

5389 East Provident Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45246

Bath & Body Works
7 Limited Parkway East
Reynoldsburg, OH 43068

Ben & Jerry’s
30 Community Drive
South Burlington, VT 05403-6828

100 North Riverside
Chicago, Illinois 60606

1221 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94612

1 High St. #6 North
Andover, MA 01845

Deutsche Bank
60 Wall Street
New York, NY, USA

1415 Murfreesboro Road, Suite 600
Nashville, TN 37217

533 Maryville University Drive
St. Louis, MO 63141

Expedia Headquarters
333 108th Ave. NE
Bellevue, WA 98004

5959 Las Colinas Boulevard
Irving, Texas 75039-2298

Fannie Mae
900 Wisconsin Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20016-2892

600 W. Chicago Ave.
Chicago, IL 60654

2700 Coast Ave.
Mountain View, CA 94043

Johnson & Johnson
1 Johnson And Johnson Plaza
New Brunswick, NJ 08933

La Senza
5405 Eglinton Ave West, #106
Toronto, ON

Levi Strauss
1155 Battery Street
San Francisco, CA 94111 U.S.A
415-501-7112 (fax)

Liberty Mutual
175 Berkeley Street
Boston, MA 02116

151 West 34th Street
New York, NY 10001

March of Dimes
1275 Mamaroneck Avenue
White Plains, NY 10605

15010 NE 36th Street
Redmond, WA 98052

Morgan Stanley
1585 Broadway
New York, NY 10036

One Bowerman Dr.
Beaverton, OR 97005

500 Oracle Parkway
Redwood Shores, CA 94065

700 Anderson Hill Road
Purchase, NY 10577

235 East 42nd Street
New York, NY 10017

Progressive Insurance
6300 Wilson Mills Rd.
Mayfield Village, Ohio 44143

PO Box 6363
Dover, DE 19905-6363

Susan G. Komen
5005 LBJ Freeway
Suite 250
Dallas, TX 75244

800 Sylvan Avenue
Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632

United Way
701 N. Fairfax Street
Alexandria, VA 22314

140 West St
New York, NY 10013

Wells Fargo
420 Montgomery Street
San Francisco, CA
415-975-7745 (fax)

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Measure Introduced to Compel Anchorage Christians to Violate Conscience, Serve, Hire, Work for Cross-Dressers, Homosexuals

anchorage_rainbowAnchorage Assemblyman Bill Evans has introduced a measure to force Christian landlords, business owners and others with religious objections to homosexuality and/or other sexual disorders, to violate conscience in their business practices.

Evans, who somehow won the endorsement of the Alaska Family Council’s political arm (Alaska Family Action) in his last election, issued the following press release:

On Thursday, Anchorage Assemblyman Bill Evans filed with the Anchorage Municipal Clerk’s Office a new ordinance that would add sexual orientation and gender identity to the list of protected categories under the Municipality’s equal rights law.

The goal of the ordinance, according to Evans, is to provide a balanced approach that respects the rights of everyone affected by this

“The ability of every person in society to be judged based upon their skill, accomplishments, and talents, and not because of some immutable characteristics, is a result we should encourage. At a time when we need more citizens to be productive income generators, we cannot tolerate impediments to employment that are not based on actual performance,” stated Evans, a longtime employment attorney and former two-time Chairman of the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce.

Evans claims that religious liberty is protected by an exemption he drafted but his proposed language is exceptionally narrow and would fail to protect that vast majority of traditional Christians who have strong religious convictions about homosexuality and gender identity issues.

Upon hearing about Evans’ proposal, one Anchorage conservative activist bluntly emailed, “War has begun.”

Activists are rightly concerned, given Mayor Berkowitz’s unequivocal support for “anything goes” sexuality. That support, along with the liberal votes on the Anchorage Assembly, almost ensure passage of Evan’s measure.

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